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  • Thank you for your pair of funnies and pair of likes on Is Ben D bendy? Ask Other Useful Questions.
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    Reactions: JustGeorge
    It cracks me up that they put that on there...

    Who finds something in their shoe and thinks "I should probably eat this"?
    Sedim Haba
    Someone did, but out of a pill bottle. now it's 'Lawyered Up'
    I've heard its not actually poisonous, it'll just dehydrate you pretty bad.
    Thanks for the friendly and funny on Disappointed

    And thanks for the optimistic on Thread

    And thanks for the like on Any sun worshipers?

    And thank you for your useful on Classical Concert in Florida Cancelled
    Some time ago I remember you mentioning a picture of Jesus that intrigued you at a friend's or acquaintance's place. Your current avatar makes me wonder if you've finally found it. Is this the picture you were talking about?
    Thanks for the Know it all like and funny
    Thanks for the like on What Do You Know All About?
    Thanks for the Informative on Agreement, Disagreement, and Getting Along with Other Members
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