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Jul 1, 2013
Mar 15, 2010
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joea was last seen:
Jul 1, 2013
    1. zenzero
      Friend Joea,
      Thx for remembering!
      Love & rgds
    2. Twilight Hue
      Twilight Hue
      Hi joea thanks for the frub. It's really good to see you post again. Sorry for not being mindful in the past. Sometimes I forget dharma involves wholeness of which nothing is excepted. Take good care of yourself and looking forward to many interesting topics. :0)
    3. zenzero
      Friend joea,

      Thax! am fine as usual.
      More in practice than discussion on the forum is all that keeps me away for the time being.
      Am sure you too are doing fine.
      Keep in touch.
      Love & rgds
    4. zenzero
      Friend joea,

      Thank you,

      Love & rgds
    5. Breathe
      I totally understand joea, sorry to ask you such a difficult question. I am really interested in such things, especially the concepts of atman, anatman/anatta, sakshi, alayavijna, buddha-dhatu and thatagatha-dhatu etc, within the Dharmic religions (especially Buddhism), though. So if you ever come across anything, please feel free to throw it this way. :)
    6. Breathe
      I think I understand, but I'm not entirely sure if I've got it right. :)

      Do you think it could be construed (or mis-construed) as a "soul" of sorts?
    7. Breathe
      Hey joea,

      I saw your post in "Is there an afterlife?" (p3, post #21);

      "Who or what is this observer you are talking about?. Mind dies, the body dies but the "witness"(Sakshi) remains."

      Can you please elaborate more on this? I'm very interested. :)
    8. SageTree
      Namaste Dear Joea, Thanks for the information, I shall view it at dawn. It's late and time for bed :D

      Be well.
    9. Tashi
      Thanks for friending me!
    10. Breathe
    11. Breathe
      Oh! I see what you mean, now :)

      For the translation from English to Hindi you should use google translate; the ones I provided you with are transliteration websites, meaning you write in Roman letters and it provided the Hindi.

      For "my name is Peter" it would be "Meraa naam Piiter* hai" ; (or, if you don't pronounce the R, it wold be Piitaa , but most Americans pronounce the R)

      aa pronounced like the a in father, Peter you would know :D, and the ai in hai would be pronounced as the e in bet, and the e in "meraa" would be like an ay in day, but quicker, a sort of mix between the E in bet and the ay in day.

      For translating, use the Google Translate one and NOT "Write in Hindi".

      Hope this helps. :)
    12. Breathe
      Hi joea,

      What translation do you mean? You mean, how to write the letters, or how some of them appear differently?

      For example, you have to write 'aosho' for 'osho' in the one you provided for example, or something else that I'm missing? Sorry for misunderstanding. :)
    13. Breathe
      Hi joea,

      Do you mean, to translate from Roman characters to Devanagari, or do you mean actual Hindi phrases?

      If you are after actual Hindi phrases, you could look at; Useful Hindi phrases

      for some ultra-basic phrases.

      If you want just to write in the characters (for example, namaste to नमस्ते) then you could try the following:

      Type in Hindi - Google Transliteration

      Hope this helps, and enjoy meeting Osho's younger brother!
    14. methylatedghosts
      It's been.. oh... 10 years at least since I last lived in the area, and we moved away when I was 14, so I don't really remember what the streets were called :p
    15. Kathryn
      Thanks! Have a great weekend!
    16. MissAlice
      Very pretty thankyou. :)
    17. Noaidi
      Thanks for the frubals, joea.
    18. MissAlice
      Thanks. you were real supportive in one of my posts and I never got the chance to thank you.
    19. DreadFish
      Hello, and thanks for the friend request!
    20. Breathe
      I love East Asian calligraphy. Your master's name is Oshoyoi? Cool. Do you know what it means? :)
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