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Last Activity:
Feb 27, 2020 at 11:04 PM
Apr 7, 2004
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teacher's assistant


Nets of Wonder, Male

If you send me a PM, I'll be notified. Oct 10, 2018

Jim was last seen:
Feb 27, 2020 at 11:04 PM
    1. Tony Bristow-Stagg
      Tony Bristow-Stagg
      Good to see you Jim, I hope you are well and happy. All the best, regards Tony
      1. Jim likes this.
    2. dybmh
      Hey man, its great to see you. Thanks for sharing those pics....
      1. Jim likes this.
    3. Revoltingest
      Thanx for the milk free froob.
      And for fruballing all things being inter-related.
      1. Jim likes this.
    4. ChristineM
      Thanks for the For atheists heart frube
      1. Jim likes this.
    5. ChristineM
      Thank you for the heart frube on Improving One's Posting
      1. Jim likes this.
    6. Revoltingest
      Thanx for the underwear & religion temporal connnection frubection.
      And for flurbing the problems with train lines.
      And for the good advice froob.
      And for frubling things to not do when arguing about climate.
      And for the multi-purpose acts which mitigate GW.
      And for froobing my increase in posting kwality.
      And for the more fun less tension frublit.
      And for froulbing no touchie no feelie.
      1. Jim likes this.
    7. ChristineM
      Thanks for the trio of frubes on Is It Possible To Be Religious And Be a Good Person?
      1. Jim likes this.
    8. Thief
      hey there
      have you tried to drag and drop any of your content?
      I have tried to store my posting work but can't get it off of this website

      let me know if you can
    9. Revoltingest
      Thanx for froobing eco-violence.
      And for the prehensile frubile.
      And for fruballing the question of being a good person.
      And for the zero sum game of a person's good frooobal.
      And for flurbing the 93.8% good heathens.
      And for the featured thread furball.
      And for foolbring bewaring virtue signalling.
      1. Jim likes this.
    10. We Never Know
      We Never Know
      Thanks for the frube in "I’m a science denier, an enemy of science"
      1. Jim likes this.
    11. We Never Know
      We Never Know
      Thanks for the frube's in "Let's ban alcohol.
      1. Jim likes this.
    12. Revoltingest
      Thanx for the impossibility of victory on RF frubal.
      And for froobing the goodness of money.
      And for the ungardening frubening.
      And for flurbing grouping people.
      And for the science denier fruber.
      And for the scientific agreeable frubable.
      And for froulbling us two creationists.
      1. Jim likes this.
    13. Revoltingest
      Thanx for the money & entertainment from RF froobal.
      And for froobing the atomic energy mascot.
      And for the anti-religion believers frubal.
      And for flurbing using "dialog" as a verb.
      And for the Revoltingest's Law flurbal.
      And for fourlbing a plethora of atheist activism posts.
      1. Jim likes this.
    14. Labourwave
      thanks for the scholars not academics frubal
      1. Jim likes this.
    15. ChristineM
      Thanks for the frube on Wikipedia as a source?
      1. Jim likes this.
    16. Revoltingest
      Thanx for the making of history with thought & word froobal.
      And for fluorbling Wikipedia's usefulness.
      And for the no true religion fruble.
      And for furballing how to fill out a census form.
      And for the not so scholarly frubarly.
      And for flurbing cutting slack to ladybugs.
      And for the roiling cauldron of rage flurbal.
      1. Jim likes this.
    17. ChristineM
      Thanks for the like on Are you a failure?
      1. Jim likes this.
    18. Revoltingest
      Thanx for fruballing the not stupid poopy head.
      And for the birthday cake furball.
      And for froobing not watching political debates.
      And for the influencing to be more thoughtful frubul.
      And for flurbing avoiding excessive candor & honesty.
      And for the possible vs probable vs certain frubil.
      1. Jim likes this.
    19. paarsurrey
      Thanks for liking my post and rating it "Winner".
      1. Jim likes this.
    20. ChristineM
      Thank you for the frube Two kinds of science, polar opposites of each other
      1. Jim likes this.
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  • About

    teacher's assistant
    learning to follow Baha'u'llah
    I've worked in computer programming, economic and social research, funding research, landscaping, youth programs, moving, assembly line. Now I help my wife with her volunteer work in English. We've always worked together mentoring youth and children, and now young adults.


    - Jim

    "Across my dreams, with nets of wonder, I chase the bright elusive butterfly of love." - Bob Lind
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