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  • Thanks for the funny frube on Why the Theory of Evolution is True. Part 1: What is Science?
    Thanks for the pair of frubes on God or Ghosts
    And thanks also for the frube on What have the religion done good for you as a follower?
    Thanking you for your most welcome frubal on Mao Tse-Tung and Pol Pot killed in the name of atheism
    Thanx for fruballing the absent feminists!
    And for the impeachment froobment!
    And for flurbing a real challenge!
    And for the cakie message frubal !
    And for froobing not pretending....& not being rude!
    And for the good Christian atheist frubist!
    And for flurballing disinterest in mythical deities.
    Thanx for fruballing seminary trained Stalin!
    And for the scientific method flurble!
    And for furballing the lack of evidence!
    And for the mattering frubering!
    And for froobing the intentional offenders!
    And for the Columbus career advice furball !
    And for flurbing not murdering...even without biblical instruction!
    And for the dry sarcasm frubasm!
    Thanx for the "h" word frubal !
    And for fruballing slippery slopes!
    And for the law being what it is flurbyl !
    And for flurbling that progressive Canuckistan!
    And for the religious separation in schools frubol!
    And for foorlbing forced prayer in public schools!
    And for the worst elements furball !
    And for fruballing religious folk attacking churches!
    And for the dangerous believers frubel !
    Thanx for fruballing refusal to say religious oaths!
    I wish I could say I've done the same. I had the misfortune of growing up Christian. I've found treatment for that though. The rashes are gone now.
    Thanx for fruballing the motto related questions!
    And for the "free, white & 21" motto frubo!
    And for furballing resisting the theocrats!
    And for the no loss of good will frubal !
    And for foorlbing government impositions not being right!
    And for the other motto issues furball !
    And for fruballing not accepting!
    And for the anti-atheism frubism!
    Of course. It's tough to talk basic sense into some people. You're doing a fantastic job of it.
    You ain't no slouch yerself!
    Thanx for froobing separating mens & womens!
    And for the Stephen Honnking memorium frubium!
    And for fruballing the unsuspected agreement on all counts!
    And for the overtly Xian frubal !
    And for froolbing establishment lite!
    And for the not mattering frubering!
    And for furballing the bizarre notion of a secular "God"!
    And for the intent behind the motto frubo!
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