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Recent content by Jeremy Mason

  1. Jeremy Mason

    False Flags

    Now the music is a little stupid, but do you think all this professionals wrong?
  2. Jeremy Mason

    Matthew, Mark, Luke Vs the Gospel of John

    John 10:1-18 does not qualify? The destroying of the temple, and then the bit about 'it being rebuilt in 3 days' is a lie, made up by false witnesses, according to both Matthew and Mark; whereas in John it is told as truth, and claimed to be in reference to the body. When it is entirely clear...
  3. Jeremy Mason

    Techno Junkies

    I can't link my soundcloud here anymore. So go to SoundCloud and look for me PappaJermz. Halloween 2014.
  4. Jeremy Mason

    Newton's first law of motion not practical

    Bingo!... and quantum physics does not quantify the spinning speed of the electron, right?
  5. Jeremy Mason

    Time to hear some drum lines!

    2014 Drum Corps Percussion Champions of the World, Santa Clara Vanguard. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ky71bv7112I https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EU93gsnE9ks
  6. Jeremy Mason

    Techno Junkies

    My latest mix. Enjoy. https://soundcloud.com/pappajermz
  7. Jeremy Mason

    Why crucifixion? Wouldn't stoning be the prescribed punishment for Jesus under religious law?

    Before Jesus, there had been a couple of Jewish rebellions that I looked-up. Simon of Peraea Simon of Peraea - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Athonges Athronges - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and Jewish Zealotry Zealotry in Jewish history - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia...
  8. Jeremy Mason

    Matthew 11:12

    Who translated the first one?
  9. Jeremy Mason

    Koch Brothers Donate 25 Million

    How many millions did they spend trying to campaign for candidates that supported to abolish the Department of Education?
  10. Jeremy Mason

    Space will remain the final frontier, I think;

    All the more reason to cohabitate with Earth.
  11. Jeremy Mason

    Christians Only: Is Christianity a Religion or Not?

    I can agree with that. I've always maintained that the church is the body of Christ within you. Without serious study, one must wonder if they truly desire God. Acts 17:11 (NIV)
  12. Jeremy Mason

    Christians Only: Is Christianity a Religion or Not?

    For me they are both that evolve in life's journey.
  13. Jeremy Mason

    Masturbation: When is Enough Too Little?

    You are in a quandary and I am glad that you speak for your people and yourself with such candor. Perhaps you can invent an apparatus/helmet that might alleviate SCS (Sudden Concussion Syndrome).
  14. Jeremy Mason

    A Brief History of Psychotropic Drugs Prescribed to Mass Murderers

    I am a believer of choice when it come to my body and mind. I don't condone people restricting access to drugs of any kind. That said, this article does illustrate a common problem that the media seems to ignore. A Brief History of Psychotropic Drugs Prescribed to Mass Murderers | Los Alamos...
  15. Jeremy Mason

    Minnesota becomes 22nd state to legalize medical marijuana

    Yes, as it should. Colorado legalized cannabis and Denvers crime rates dropped. Crime Still Isn't Devouring Denver 4 Months After Legal Pot