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Jeremy Mason
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  • Thanks for the youtube links. I'm trying to watch them, but my computer is still being slow... I might have to restart it. Maybe that'll make it stop being such a *****. :D
    Hello Jeremy,
    As you enjoy religious debate maybe I could ask you to vote for the legitimacy of a Miracle in 2006. Please have a read of the following page :
    www. creativecausations .com (no spaces) and go to Miracle Vote.
    Take a screenshot of your vote number. I hope to get a lot of votes for this Miracle.
    Don't be shy with asking your friends to vote.
    Thank you.
    CreativeCausations . com
    Hey Handsome Hunk! How are things going? Geeee you must be working lots I don't see you here as often....I've been thinking a lot about gravy and seeing that your the best at it...Well you know the rest of the story......
    We should do that some time, but right now is not a good time for me -- I'm trying to make some lifestyle changes. Wish me luck!
    Your Princess is ready for more gravy......Glad to hear that your working.....How far are you from where you did live?
    Well at least your getting closer to my area, Who knows you may end up close by......percussion huh? No more gravy?
    Hunk, Good to finally hear from you? Was this a sudden move? Are you working there?
    My qualifications speak for themselves, but could this be an oral interview and practical application?
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