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Jeremy Mason
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  • Hey Mr. Mason, I finished that book, Love Times Three about the polygamist family in Utah. It was a cute book, and I liked it much! They are a modern, pretty forward-thinking family with traditional Christian values. But I loved their family stories!
    Doing well, thanks. I want to give you a frubal, or more. I have an infinite supply, you know, but I haven't seen you on a post yet.
    I'd love to meet with you at Tony's! I won't be able to, however, for at least two or three weeks from now. We should touch bases early next month and see about a time for it.
    Hey there Oh Macho Gravy Master....I can't tell you how good it is to hear from you....I'm happy that your getting settled...The Pondo sounds like a beautiful place..
    I hope to get moved last of Jan or early Feb....
    Can't wait to post with you again....
    I'm getting another place also.....Are you still in the same area?
    I can't wait to get moved and get my new computer up and going so I can get back in the groove.
    Hey there Gravy Master......How are things going with you? It's been a while since we have spoken......What's cooking with you?
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