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Jul 8, 2016
Jul 13, 2012
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Jul 19, 1993 (Age: 28)
United States, GA
Full Time Student


He who struggles with God, Male, 28, from United States, GA

It has been ages and years since I've been on here but I'm back if anyone remembers me anymore haha Jan 13, 2016

Huey09 was last seen:
Jul 8, 2016
    1. Breathe
      Both; the All-Soul all-God. The All-in-all. :D

      Ironically, Voodoo comes up a few times. The only thing is, will it seem like cultural appropriation to people, as though I'm just some typical white guy trying to get into African/African American spirituality? I'm also not really into animal sacrifice. Nothing against it, but it's not my cup of tea.

      I like Voodoo (and similar), Tengriism, Heaven Worship, Confucianism, Mohism, and I quite like Cheondoism, but Cheondoism doesn't believe in an afterlife. :/

      And kind of Deism is pretty cool, or some generic Theism. Meh. :D
    2. Breathe
      Good question. :)

      I believe in:

      One God
      An afterlife (not reincarnation, close to a universal Heaven/merger with God but still keeping one's own individuality in some way)

      Lesser gods as manifestations of the One
      Local spirits

      I'm big on nature, not so much on civilization; I'd go become a hermit if I could, but unfortunately I got stuck down in the world... :D
    3. Breathe
      Why is it more of a headache? :D
      It's not going well. It's slowed to a snail's pace; I know what I believe, but I don't think there is anything that I can actually call my own as an 'official' religion, until something happens to make me change my experiences. At the moment, I'm stuck between religions, it seems... :D
    4. Breathe
      Not bad, thank you, and yourself? :) What's new?
    5. Sha'irullah
      Aaaaah I see. I had to do the same and quit RF for some time.
    6. Saint Frankenstein
      Saint Frankenstein
      Hahaha. The cool beard is part of the package, isn't it? :p
    7. Revoltingest
      Thanx for the friendly frubie!
    8. kashmir
      Your welcome, sorry to do that but it needed to be said, plz accept my freind request
    9. Sunstone
      Hey Huey! Are you up for a chat tonight in the Chat Room? Got lots of peoples in there.
    10. Yusz
      Well brother, the good real christian always in minority group.. It same goes to Islam and other religion.. we live in full bunch of extreamism, political and media corruption. So you will find a good one soon brother, you just need a patience and have a strong faith to our Creator . Patience is our weapon, faith is our shield :).
    11. Yusz
      I'm good, thank you... It's seems you have a little chat with SageTree brother?.. Well, he's a good friend of mine, and he's learn a lot from me... I think he can help you a lot.. Just he's a little bit busy working nowadays... Does he ever talk to you about eastern orthodox?
    12. Yusz
      Greetings my old friend... How are you doing now? Got what you looking for or still searching? ... take care :)
    13. Breathe
      Interesting; but a shame I'm no fan of the Bahá'í Faith. :D
    14. Breathe
      Personally, I like incarnation 3. :D
      Glad it helps. :)
    15. Breathe
      Teachings of Jesus:
      1. Heroic moral rules - the best thing you can be
      2. Counsels of Perfection - how to be perfect
      3. Ideals of the Heart - what you should strive for

      Hoo. Hope this helps. :D
    16. Breathe
      1. Sacramental Community: body of Christ, agent of divine reconciliation. Should be united. Think Catholicism.
      2. Church as fellowship of faith: not an institution but an invisible, spiritual unity, whose membership is known only to God. No need for priests as mediators. Only Christ is head.
      3. Vocational Community: the church is like the nation of Israel. It is our job to preach the Gospel through good deeds and show God's love.

      1. Inerrant norm of faith: creationist-tier.
      2. Witness to Revelation: should not be read as purely factual, but with symbols of spiritual truths, such as Genesis and End-Time Prophecies. Not to be taken entirely literally. It is not "word for word". It has all teachings necessary to salvation, but this doesn't mean everything is this historical.
      3. Bible as Record of Revelatory Experience: not infallible. May be errors because of cultural and scientific bias. The core is freedom in faith. More radically, even Jesus' story is mythological.
    17. Breathe
      World Religions:
      1. Only Christians can be saved
      2. All saved -- through Christ: other religions have "imperfect" beliefs, but they will be guided through to Jesus
      3. All are saved through their own religions.

      1. Social Trinity: Three centres of Consciousness which make up one kind of being, God. Three rational agents of the same kind, together are called God.
      2. Three ways of being God: three aspects, or modes, in which God exists. Father, the source of all being; transcendent, Son, the wisdom of God, Spirit, immanent. Entering into creation, unifying finite and infinite. Divinely willed to unite human nature to Divine, like in Jesus. Holy Spirit: God acting within and with the world in people's lives and consciences.
      3. History of the Threefold God: three phases: Father, transcendent infinity. God in all wisdom, thinking of all possible universes, the Son, unifying in Divine, creative actualization, the Spirit.
    18. Breathe
      1. A Symbolic Christology: minimalistic; Jesus is symbolically "Christ"; a good man, of intense religious conviction and utter devotion. Much of the Gospels are legendary, not fact. Some of it is exaggerated. Sometimes taken as Jesus was a prophet, but nothing more.
      2. Divine Man Christology: general Christian belief.
      3. Spirit Christology: The middle path of these two. He is wholly, and fully, human. However, he is unique in that he had a unique and perfect relationship with God. He is not omnipotent. He was never 'with sin', because he was a true servant of God. He is so perfect as a disciple of God and shaped by God, he is like the image of God on earth. Not physical.
    19. Breathe
      Which kind are you after? It covers:

      Creation, existence of evil, the soul, sin and 'the fall', Jesus: "the incarnation of God", atonement, revelation and world religions, the Trinity, the church, the Bible, the teaching of Jesus, Christianity and ethics, Christianity and culture, prayer, eternal life.

      I'll break it down from there. :)
    20. Breathe
      Hey, man. I got that book I mentioned. :)
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    Jul 19, 1993 (Age: 28)
    United States, GA
    Full Time Student
    Unitarian Christian
    Looking for answers...hoping that I can find peace within them.


    What shall it profit a man to gain the the world but lose his soul?