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Herr Heinrich
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Jan 17, 2013
Sep 7, 2009
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Jan 6, 1991 (Age: 28)
Currently Germany

Herr Heinrich

Student of Mythology, 28, from Currently Germany

Herr Heinrich was last seen:
Jan 17, 2013
    1. Nerthus
      I do not think beautiful would be the right word to use :D

      You do seem like one of the nicest people I have spoken to here :)
    2. Nerthus
      Not that interesting at all! My mother is Norwegian and my father is Greek. But I speak better Greek. And we spent a short time living in Israel when I was younger so learnt a little there.

      I am very boring!
    3. Nerthus
      No! I speak Greek and Norwegian with a little Hebrew.
    4. Nerthus
      Yes, English is not my first language :) And I have been lucky enough to live in different countries so learnt from being there.
    5. Nerthus
      It does sound like a lovely language. It's great to speak more than one.

      My fiddling is good :D I broke the strings yesterday and need to buy more before I can play again :(
    6. Flankerl
      Ich habe Chemie studiert und erhielt letztes Semester meinen Bachelor.
      Nächstes Semester werde ich dann mein Chemie Studium fortsetzen und hoffentlich den Master erhalten.
    7. Nerthus
      How is your German going? You like learning languages?
    8. MoonWater
    9. .lava
      Thank you very much :D

      see you around ..
    10. Nerthus
      Sounds like a good week!

      I went to a yoga class this morning, not the usual one I go to though, but it was okay. I am really looking forward to my Tai Chi though, about six weeks to wait though :( The only self defence stuff I have done has been through work, but was very brief.

      I am off swimming later this afternoon. In summer I went at least once a day to the outside pools, which I prefer - the indoor ones I don't like much. I'll probably take the dogs out for a hike later too if it doesn't rain.

      Glad your yoga went well!!
    11. Madhuri
      Hmm, interesting..let me try to remember past last week...
      Nothing majorely interesting. But I've been having fun with friends, dancing, even at work strangely enough. 2010 was a good year for me. I'm hoping this year will be too.
    12. Nerthus
      I wish I was still at college... makes me feel really old now! No, I work in medicine - exciting, but tiring.

      I used to attend a Hindu Temple, during the time I was a student - so about three years ago, and as that was fairly early, I would get yoga done afterwards. If I have time tomorrow, I think I will go to a yoga class in the afternoon.

      Yep, I play polo! I love it :D I have always been around horses, so it's one of my favourite things (as long as you don't fall off!)
    13. Father Heathen
    14. Madhuri
      Hi! I'm good, how are you doing? How was your bday?
    15. dawny0826
      I missed your birthday! Hope it was great. :)
    16. Nerthus
      Yeah, the fiddle is great! I'm having a lot of fun playing with them. I joined a Tai Chi class, but it's full until March, so have a few months to wait, and I haven't been to yoga since before Christmas! I need to start getting back into the routine. I used to go at like 7am, after temple. I have to start again!

      I don't have Facebook - if I did I would have added you. I cancelled my account about three years ago. The name made me laugh - the German name, and then 'Tim' :D
    17. Nerthus
      Everything has been good actually! I've joined a friends band as the fiddle player, so have been very busy with that, and have met a lot of lovely new people.

      Have you been up to anything exciting?
    18. Nerthus
      Oh, I love winter! Although, after months of the dark I am looking forward to longer days! I love sitting out in the grass until late at night whilst it's still bright!

      I'm good, good, good :D
    19. Nerthus
      How's you? :)
    20. Civil Shephard
      Civil Shephard
      Thanks for the frubal Herr Heinrich... I was suprised at myself when I re-read my own post. A belated happy birthday and is the Lord High Baron of Snark a Douglas Adams character?
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    Jan 6, 1991 (Age: 28)
    Currently Germany
    I am a college student from America who is currently studying abroad in Germany.


    :jiggy:DANCE FOR ME SPACE-MONKIES! :monkey: