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Dec 23, 2011
Apr 19, 2008
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Miss Independent, from District 9

Heneni was last seen:
Dec 23, 2011
    1. Paul Thomas
      Paul Thomas
      OK, I am back. I have all this writing and I am not sure of anything, but should I continue. I just read through the comments of a posting about who is God. Exactly. Nobody is sure and most all the verbage out there is just adding to the general malise. I see I should have numbered my first two postings, because they are reversed in order and probably make no sense anyway, at least the second is like out of the blue. God is Love. Without What does it mean and without seeing that our traditions begin with the loss of our living body who can make sense of anything. The body makes sense, the mind only is the receiver. I could swear. Listen, if you would, but only if you are really interested in helping a carpenter/writer concerned about the spiritual quandrary we are in get something out there that could matter, then before I post anything more let me send you some pieces of writing to you and see what you think. I am up to 6 now, each being around three pages long in single space. Not hard reads, I think, although the subject matter is the most difficult in the world. Confusing and threatening and distrustful. My email is [email protected] and I would like to find someone to help me through the maze, and not just that helpful personal computer you commented on. Paul
    2. No*s
      I've just been busy. How's it been for you? Hopefully you had a merry Christmas :)
    3. Darkwater
      Merry Christmas Heneni!

      Hope you have a great one.

      Christmas is for kids,we Scots are just warming up for hogmonay....night of many hogs(feasting)

      I understand you completely,you answer so many questions for me. :).on Meta scale(ie more than this dimension),especially since you have arisen most eloquently & beautifully.

      Wouls love to try to explain this one day,you only have to ask.:)

      Great Love,


    4. Mister_T
      Hope you had an awesome Christmas, Heneni! And thanks for the compliment, good looking. ;)
    5. Wandered Off
      Wandered Off
      A very Merry Christmas to you! I hope 2009 brings you great joy!
    6. Troublemane
      Merry Christmas, Heneni! :angel2:
    7. zenzero
      Friend Heneni,
      Love & rgds
    8. Guitar's Cry
      Guitar's Cry
      Same to you! Glad to help! Have a wonderful holiday.
    9. Scruffitude
      Thank you for your good wishes. BIG HUG and have a wonderful Christmas.
    10. .lava
      Merry Christmas Heneni :) thank you for lovely words. i had a little information about black matter. seems like we are able to see 1/6 of creation in universe. in other dimensions black matter is not empty but from this dimension we can't see what's there. well, such a interesting subject. i hope i would have chance to give some time for it and i would share with you.
    11. Phasmid
      Thanks, you too :)
    12. Master Vigil
      Master Vigil
      Merry Christmas to you too!!!! I'll keep smiling and you keep being gorgeous!
    13. Jeremy Mason
      Jeremy Mason
      Thank you for the holiday cheer and may your holidays be everything you expect and more. I've got quite the big two day ahead of me.
    14. Heneni
      My fault? HE HE ....ok.
    15. Paul Thomas
      Paul Thomas
      OK, I don't know if I am going to be "crucified" or just black balled, but sitting here I did some creative editing and split my piece of writing into two. What does the Bible Mean and God loves you. If you don't mind, check them out. I have no idea if what I say will fly or what. I go back to making wood objects and will let this be and see what happens. Anyway, it is your fault that I posted this and another girl friend's fault that turned me on to this site, she said that she thought the site was good. So, I have done my first duty and now I will wait and see. Anyway, thanks for your encouragement. Paul
    16. Paul Thomas
      Paul Thomas
      Heneni, Paul Thomas Wenzler here. OK, I just tried to post a piece of writing, entitled What does the Bible Mean! My problem, it is twice too long. I guess I will have more work to do if I want to communicate over this web site. Bummer dude! Yesterday I couldn't get my "flash drive" to unlock into the library's computers and today I solved that problem. Really, I am a fine cabinet maker and hardly a writer, but computers, aside from being great typewriters, kill me. I have got some really BIG ideas, things that come to in my imagination, I have a big imagination also, very active, intuitive in wood, learning in words, but about to burst into flames. Anyway, what do you suggest. I thought I had it short enough, pure assuption on my part, didn't know what 10,000 meant, now I know. I had brought along a second piece (Thinking on the Bible) and I got at least a couple or three more on my computer that I am working on right now. I thought five pages would fly, no problem. Five pages turns out to be like 19,000 bits, is it?

      My purpose in writing is to bring our spiritual traditions to fruition and get some freedom in this world. :D Did you see, the other night on PBS, the special on Thomas Merton? I thought the question at the very end good: Who has the "fire" passed to since Merton left? No one body any longer, the fire must be kindled in all of us who want it! A friend copied the special for me and let me look, since it came on the tube around mid-night. I am not up that late unless its with a body who loves the night life that comes alive along the river when normal people are out in the wilds of social life. I am usually in bed by 9 and up at 4/5, that is when all is well and I am wide awake to catch the first light and linger in the quiet moments before everything starts anew. Anyway, I am bummed. :( but never dead! :) Damn! Damn and double damn. I am like the God of Genesis that Joseph explains to Pharaoh over his scary dreams; He was anxious to bring some good things into this world. OK, don't know when I will be back to the computer. Hope your Christmas is full of light and life. Paul Thomas
    17. Charity
      Merry Christmas to you Heneni.....Hope it is full of blessings and happiness through out the coming new year........
    18. blackout
      My blog has been pretty much inactive for a while Heneni.

      I can't work on it at my job anymore
      (they blocked alot of things)
      so presently, I really don't have time.

      If I ever get back to it,
      I'll let you know.


      (for now I'm posting my music
      and little comments on my RF profile page.
      So check there every now and then.
      I still want to socialize with my RF friends/family
      while I'm off the main board.
      After all I do love so many of you. :hearts: )
    19. Paul Thomas
      Paul Thomas
      Thank you. I don't have anything with me today, I am still working on putting some writing together but the next time I come to the library, I don't have internet at my home, and so have to depend on the local Corrales New Mexico library to do any kind of work over the internet. I will copy a beginning over the weekend and return here maybe on Monday and see what I can post. I am as nervous as a chicken in a cat house about all the technicalities of web sites, also Zenzero offered me other directions and so right now I am just like floating over what to do next. But I think your messages, your replies and link connections will be here when I return and I will just do it. And by the way, tell me about frubals? But I feel good about my work and so I won't sweat nothing. Thank you again.
    20. Jayhawker Soule
      Jayhawker Soule
      That's really very sweet of you. Thank's.

      Actually, we have yet to find an appropriate Hanukkah tree but, should one present itself, we'll be more than happy to decorate it.

      Have a wonderful Holiday Season and a great New Year.

      Warm regards,

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