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hand of ammon
Last Activity:
Feb 23, 2009
Dec 9, 2008
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West of Eden
Keeper of forgotten lore

hand of ammon

New Member, from West of Eden

hand of ammon was last seen:
Feb 23, 2009
    1. gnostic
      Actually there are no "plan" made for Timeless Myths. Anything I do for Timeless Myths is done when I have the materials (books or in electronic formats, like html or pdf), when I have time to read them, research them, and lastly type in what information I've gathered from the sources.

      I don't make "plans" for them to happen.

      As far as help goes; since I don't have anything on my plate at the moment, there is nothing for you to do, but your thoughts and your "show of hand" in assistance with Timeless Myths are appreciated.
    2. zenzero
      Friend hoa,
      Its my pleasure to be on the list of your friends.
      Yes, shall try and help you in locating someone provided you know under what name he is registered here and is a regular on the forum; which in fact you too can too, on your own. Do inform the name.
      Love & rgds
    3. zenzero
      Friend hand of ammon,
      Welcome to RF.
      Best Wishes.
      Love& rgds
    4. gnostic
      Hi Ammon (Jonathan).

      I take it you have been looking for me and have been asking around. I didn't think I would be too hard to find.

      Thanks, for visiting Timeless Myths.

      Feather of Truth award?

      I know of the Feather in Egyptian mythology, but not heard of the award. What do I with the award? Post it on Timeless Myths?

      In any case, I'd like to thank you for the award. Thank you.

      You seemed to know a fair bit about Egyptian mythology.

      "Man crush"?

      HA! ...Sorry dude, I am not gay, but flattered nonetheless.

    5. Breathe
      Uhm, I could try? Who do you need to find?
    6. Circle_One
      And you as well!
    7. Circle_One
      Don't worry about it. Here is Gnostic's profile link.
    8. Caladan
      Hullo there, need any help gettin started?
    9. Circle_One
      Absolutely. Who are you looking for?
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    West of Eden
    Keeper of forgotten lore
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