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Guitar's Cry
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  • I thank you good sir for the winner frubes on
    Where Is the "I" in Your Body?
    Dogma be Damned
    Thanks for the useful frube on Predictions of how Trump supporters will react if he's arrested and indicted
    Thanks for the friendly on political ideologies. It's pretty bad when your politics are choose the side that isn't going to make your life miserable or cause the death of you the one with human rights over the side actively taking rights or causing serious issues that could be life or death for some people rather than let's choose the side that will actually help this country that I agree with.
    Thanks for the frube on marriage what does it mean to you?

    I didnt know you been with your wife 20 years. That's quite an acheivement
    Thanks for the i frube on Shroud of Turin is from first AD.

    And thanks for the frube on Ideal Body Type
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