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Jan 9, 2017
Jun 17, 2011
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Oct 11, 1991 (Age: 29)
Lancaster, PA


N'yog-Sothep, 29, from Lancaster, PA

Gjallarhorn was last seen:
Jan 9, 2017
    1. Revoltingest
      Thanx for the pride filled frubie!
    2. Revoltingest
      Thanx for the runaway frubie!
    3. Godobeyer
      hi i just wonder why you use this two arabic word , they combine non-sense sentence and not correct in grammar !!!
    4. 1137
      Haha they pulled him off well by never explaining the science behind him.
    5. 1137
      It's not the third nor fourth dimension that is the issue, it is the fifth dimension. The fourth dimension does not not exist because we are experiencing the third, but how can there be parallel versions of our lives (on different paths) when you could theoretically follow your life from birth to death in the 4th dimension? If you could move to any point in the fourth dimension, you would see past and future events including your current self. Millionaire you would not be accessible.
    6. 1137
      I've been thinking about the ten dimensions and found a major issue. If we are long, snake like entities fouth dimensionally, a being like Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen is plausible, because if it was somehow possible I could move along my timeline. That leaves no room for different possible paths to emerge.
    7. dyanaprajna2011
      Lol, not in the least. I think he wants to remain purposefully vague just so that he's hard to understand...or make people think he's deeper than he actually is.
    8. dyanaprajna2011
      Yeah, but it would be nice if he could at least ask in a coherent manner. :P
    9. dyanaprajna2011
      You have a much greater knowledge of Buddhism than he does. He wants to color it with his Christian beliefs, which don't really mesh well together. You actually grasp what Buddhism teaches.
    10. Iti oj
      Iti oj
      Thanks bro.
    11. Wirey
      For Pete's sake, thanks for the frubal.
    12. Breathe
      Thank you for the frubals, kind sir. :D
    13. 1137
      Plus, the solids are specifically third dimensional also
    14. 1137
      Yeah it explains it much better than I could haha. I really have nothing against the views that the platonic solids are a part of reality, more against the idea that we fully understand how so.
    15. 1137
      Apparently it is not a classical dodecahedron, it is explained in the article that you sadly cannot access. But our personal universe that you and I live in does exist in the third dimension, as we exist (perhaps more accurately perceive / experience) in the third dimension.
    16. 1137
      :( that sucks. It's an article about how some scientists are thinking the universe may be finite, may also be in the shape of a dodecehedron. Some of the stuff in the new 10th dimension video made me think of the theory.
    17. 1137
      Have you heard of this?

      The universe may be revealing its shape, new findings suggest
    18. Secret Chief
      Secret Chief
      I needed a friend with braided chest hair.
    19. beenie
      Thank you for the frubie. :D
    20. Debater Slayer
      Debater Slayer
      Thanks for the frubal! :D
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    Oct 11, 1991 (Age: 29)
    Lancaster, PA


    "We are all two-faced beings, divided by the Force and fated for eternity to search out our hidden identities."