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Last Activity:
Jan 8, 2015
Jan 3, 2009
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Devon, England


Well-Known Member, from Devon, England

GiantHouseKey was last seen:
Jan 8, 2015
    1. blackout
      Hey! I made an AWESOME dowsing pendulum out of the most Giant cast iron key I had in my little purple satchel. It's a key from a craft store... but it moves with amazing energy!
    2. blackout
      nope. lol. it wasn't giant. haha!

      but.... maybe the dwelling place (house) was...
      I never got any further than the key and the door.
      (though I had the sense it was an apartment)
      uup.... apart-meant.

      ahhh... I'm having fun this morning.....
    3. blackout
      Oh I forgot to mention that I had a vivid dream
      the night before I saw your name (and another forum members)
      "labeled" on my power object (which signifies my personal magick)
      about finding a "forgotten/missing" houseKey in my jacket pocket,
      that I put on at the change of season, just when I needed it to get into my "house/apartment/home"... that I had been away from for a while.

      I got there and said... "Oh no! I forgot the Key!" "where is the key?!"
      and it was right there in my pocket all along,
      waiting for me. :rainbow1:
    4. blackout
      to the point that you even ID'd yourSelf by it

      I.D. entify.

      More "spell casting".
      I just saw that one. :D
    5. blackout
      You "cast" a new "spelling" of your name...
      which in some way BEcame part of you/altered your reality.
    6. blackout
      BTW.... what you did there is "spell casting"... ;)
    7. blackout
      HAH! I love it.

      Let me consider that while I make the kids breakfast. :D
    8. blackout
      GHK showed up 'magically' :D on one of my power objects.

      I thought of you immediately...
      then Gate House Key...
      but I forgot... Giant House Key...

      Would you tell me about your name?
    9. blackout
      Thank you so much for saying so. :rainbow1:

      I played classical and blues/rock when I was younger,
      then decided to major in jazz when I was maybe 20 years old.
      I found that improvizational excellence was the pinnacle of musical experience for me.
      Both as listener and player. No better place to learn that than jazz.

      I am now 41 years old.
      and I have just recently found mySelf...
      and as well, finally, my own PERSONAL musical vision.
      Only great things to come.
      For some of us, life starts at 40.
      (by next year I'll be almost 30 again. 2 years time and I'll be 28.
      Being a magickian has it's practical advantages. you know?) ;)
    10. blackout
      haha! I can't believe you weren't already on my friends list.

      I really need to sit down and update a little.
      (did you click the "UV's music" link at the bottom of my sig yet?)
    11. HipHopAvenger
      Thanks for a welcoming message. I am glad to be here. Even though some posts breathe at me rather coldness than a good mood.
    12. CharlieRose
      Greetings thank you the invite and I hope to add something to the forum engage in talk with members as things move along and of course learn a thing or two from others. It's all about evolving nothing ever stays the same.

      Best wishes

      Charlie D Rose
    13. GiantHouseKey
      Hi Jamie! Wanna post in the intros section. Glad you've come to check the place out :p
    14. JamieDD
      Hello, it is I, Jamie!
    15. Runewolf1973
      Hello there! I hope you got my message!:D
    16. Storm
      Welcome to the forum! :foryou:
    17. zenzero
      Friend GiantHouseKey,
      Welcome to RF.
      Best Wishes.
      Love & rgds
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    Devon, England


    “As you know, these are open forums, you’re able to come and listen to what I have to say.” - George W. Bush
    “Might've told a lie, but never lived one" - Tool
    “Clearly there can be no God as the pineapple shows.” - Beaudreaux