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Gaura Priya
Last Activity:
May 12, 2013
May 9, 2009
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Gaura Priya


Gaura Priya was last seen:
May 12, 2013
    1. Debater Slayer
      Debater Slayer
      Thanks for the frubal! :D
    2. Breathe
    3. Breathe
      No accounting for taste.. :D
    4. Breathe
      I'll pass then. :D
    5. Breathe
      D'awwww. :D
    6. Breathe
      Not right now you won't. I'm poorly. xD
    7. Breathe
      Bleh what the hell are they? XD
    8. swamplizard
      thanks for the frubie and the compliment
    9. swamplizard
      They are not distinct, except in concept. You have awakened your consciousness and are following the way within.
    10. swamplizard
      Your path is a good one.
    11. Breathe
      Thankoo, me too. :)
      Just come back from being down the 'rents and of the mother-in-law. Spent most of the time at my 'rents cooking for 11 people since my mother's eyesight is poor and she has shoulder issues, and being complained at about not speaking to my sister even though she's the one not speaking to me. :D

      Shattered now. Going to relax, maybe play some video games, or sleep. :)
    12. Breathe
      T-shirts, a Buddhist-themed diary and notepad, and a huge white chocolate Toblerone. xD
      And a coat.
      Snazzy new superhypermegawarm coat. ^-^
    13. Breathe
      Pretty much, lol. :D
      And a merry Yule to you too! :)
    14. Breathe
      I'd love something like that. :D
      Ours was so dull! XD The flames weren't believable. Typical shoddy British merchandise.
      Also, I desire to chat with thee! Wilt thou login to where we chat?
    15. Breathe
      Ours is basically an electric heater with a moving image of a fire; no logs. xD
    16. Breathe
      We can't, it's an electric fire! XD

      Using the council members as fire for our incinerator sounds good, though. At least then they're useful. We should do the same with this **** poor government's politicians too. :D
    17. Breathe
      I know, it was really surprising. o_o
      The council haven't bothered bringing a replacement one yet. They're so ******* useless. We have part of the wood frame of our house exposed to the elements because they haven't bothered adding the part that broke off during some heavy winds we had -- that was last year! They STILL haven't bothered with it, and they're supposed to leave things for a maximum of a month. Even though we've been in touch, they just ignore us. So now we have part of the side of our house exposed and no electric fire, relying on our crappy central heating to keep us warm. Uuuugh. xD
    18. Katzpur
      I'm bummed out. I couldn't get any audio. I'll keep trying and see if I can make it work.
    19. Breathe
      I know, it's this stupid house.
      It's an electric fire, as well! The hell is it exploding for!
    20. Breathe
      Bwahaha. :-3 Hello. :D
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