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Gaura Priya
Last Activity:
May 12, 2013
May 9, 2009
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Gaura Priya


Gaura Priya was last seen:
May 12, 2013
    1. Breathe
      Lol, yeah. That painful doom. :D

      Bahá'u'lláh's writings are okay, but they just don't interest me too much; they seem a bit, well, pretentious to be honest. Bahá'u'lláh's not too bad in himself, but I really don't care for the Báb; the way I understand him is to be a troll, little more than that. His conception of sharia and all implies to me that they were never meant to be taken seriously; they were, instead, mockeries of sharia, claiming that religious law does not have to be divinely ordained, and can be made up by mankind.

      Not to mention, being a Bahá'í is not something I would do. I saw what it was like for you, and since I share similar opinions, I'd not go for ostracism.

      He does, indeed. :D
    2. Breathe
      Unity = unclicked. xD

      And enjoy. :)
    3. Breathe
      So the people are more fluffy now than they were? How fluffy were they?

      Quran does seem more easygoing than the Bible. If I was Abrahamically inclined I'd probably go for Quran Alone Universalism.

      He'd go on about how they're anti-Christian so they can't be trusted. :D
      He'd probably also say "Meh, that's Paul's words" or "That's the OT", like he's said about other things. Dunno what his wife would say.
    4. Breathe
      I'm actually a bit funny with New Thought; seems weird. Unity, for some reason, I have that initial gut-reaction mistrust-thingy, like I do with most fluffy groups. :D

      I may compile them, and if she ever starts going on about Jesus at me, I can just harass her. :D
      However, she tends not to preach to me. Ironically, it's my brother who's the more preachy -- but it was her who got him into it.
    5. Breathe
      Bwahaha. :D
      I wonder what she thinks about those thingies; I don't think she'd take note of them, though to be honest: Seems like the Bible's only good when it suits one's prejudices and all.
    6. Breathe
      Because she's a mouthy, bossy, "modern American woman" (modern American woman = her words)? :p
    7. Breathe
      Lol, no chance of that :D
      She and my brother are, well, intolerant, no way except the Bible way folks -- unbiblical acts are baaad, m'kaaaay?
    8. Breathe
      Christian yoga nooooooooooo!
      My bro's wife does that and is a Jesus-nut.
      To avoid sinfulness, she changes the name of concepts...
      So it's not meditation, it's reflecting on Jesus.
    9. Breathe
      I know that feeling.
      And for some reason, we syncretists aren't really accepted in the West very much are we? We're seen as indecisive, or shallow.
    10. Breathe
      It's between you and Kṛṣṇa; not you, Kṛṣṇa, and ********. :p
    11. Breathe
      You live like, four doors away and you've not been for ages. xD
      I can sort of empathise, though; I've not been to gurdwārā or mandir for a while - but they're both far away from me. >_>
    12. Breathe
      And lace it with laxative. :yes:
    13. Breathe
      Show no mercy!
    14. Breathe
      Kick them in their faces!
      Or lace your food with laxative or something.
      Let them suffer.
      Mmmm, bad karma. xD
    15. Bob Dixon
      Bob Dixon
      What a guy! He's an interesting character, but very prejudiced.
      Look at my posts, all of them. Do any of them sound like I want anyone to convert?
    16. Breathe
    17. Breathe
      I much desire to speak to you for a while before I must traverse the murky depths of my city!
    18. beenie
      "I was so distracted by the other garbage thread that I didn't see this awesome post."--from your frubals. I meant to say other garbage IN THIS thread. :p
    19. Breathe
      Daawww, fankoo. :D
    20. beenie
      Thank you for the frubal! The feeling is quite mutual, by the way. :D
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