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Gaura Priya
Last Activity:
May 12, 2013
May 9, 2009
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Gaura Priya


Gaura Priya was last seen:
May 12, 2013
    1. Breathe
      This is one of the things that attracts me to Sikhism: no guru, no avatars, no guru-veneration, no icon-veneration (although I LOVE icons, I'm going off murti-puja).

      Be a syncretist, but you don't necessarily need to go for UU unless you are UU. UU is something I'd not go for if I were in your shoes (and we're very similar :D) personally, because I'm not so liberal religion-wise I don't think every religion has spiirtual truth (gasp!), but I do think they all do have moral truths to them.

      Have you ever heard of Ravidassia? It's an interesting path. Sort of like Kabirpanthi, sort of like Sikhism. Many Ravidassia people keep kesh, but they don't need to as they are not Sikhs. It's quite rare in the US though I think, sadly. There's also very little info on it. Also, what do you think of Radhasoami?
    2. Breathe
      There have been a few preachers who seem to hold rather intolerant views. However, it's worth us remembering that society has changed. Winston Churchill would, to today's society, be little more than a racist little old man. The world then was much different than today's world, the same as the cruelties of Islamic India caused a necessity for the Khalsa Army to be formed by Guru Gobind Singh.

      Shame they were all older adults, it's a problem when the youth do not join the religion. The gurdware (gurdwara, plural) here are often crammed with Sikhs--the majority of whom are mone (hair-cut people) Sikhs. I think this is the reason why so many Sikhs are becoming a bit more militant about hair.

      Your view is similar to mine. Although I think a guru may be for some people, and I like the idea of a guru-shishya, I do not like the idea of a living guru either, nor do I like things like gurupuja or avatars. I know, I know, not very widely accepted. :D
    3. Breathe
      Svaha. :)

      The tone can be rather scathing, I agree. Agniveer has some pretty harsh comments on Islam their site. I've been tempted to visit a Samaji temple. There is one a few cities from me, but I don't have an excuse to go there.

      You could still follow Samaji philosophy, for example, or possibly be a "Samaji Universalist"? :D Have you looked into Sant Mat and other Bhakti movements? Perhaps they would be more useful for you to check out, too.

      You will realize, with the Lord's help, you never really were guided, nor were you lost--you were already there in the first place. :)
    4. Breathe
      Hehe, good to see you smile. :D

      Religion isn't something to get stressed over, even though it's damn stressful and I'm guilty of it too. :)

      If you like Samaji, be a Samaji. There's worse things to be. :D
    5. TJ73
      Thanks for the encouragement and fruby doo
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