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Gaura Priya
Last Activity:
May 12, 2013
May 9, 2009
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Gaura Priya


Gaura Priya was last seen:
May 12, 2013
    1. Madhuri
      Thanks! And I love your reply- chocolate. Everything could be better spent on chocolate hehe
    2. Maija
      Hope all is well! Much love and warmth I am sending.
    3. Desert Snake
      Desert Snake
      Happy Holidays

      Hari Krishna

    4. SageTree
      Hope you've been well, Friend :)
    5. ratikala
      bhakta hanuman ki jai !
      thanks for the frubal :D
    6. Madhuri
      This is one of my favourite bhajans and tunes for this bhajan. I also know the couple who sing it :D
      Thanks for sharing. It's beautiful!
    7. Jainarayan
      I've been using oil in the diya, but oil and the wicks are an annoyance (trimming the wicks, getting carbon and oil all over :rolleyes:). I may go back to using tea lights also.
    8. Breathe
      Bah! But Jeeesus. :D
    9. SageTree
      Compared to school in the states, international tuition here is still pretty decent :D

      Thanks for the hopes and wishes. :)
      I'll keep in touch of course :D

    10. ratikala
      thanks for the frubal :)
      hope all is well with you , sounds like things have changed a lot for you hope it is all good ?
      best wishes
    11. Madhuri
      I'm the same with the questioning. This is both a blessing and a curse imo.
      I'm glad things are going well still with you. I aw the sari pic on fb. Very cute! Sari suits you. Are you enjoying your summer?
      I'm so over winter!
    12. SageTree
      Ah man... not a good reason then :/

      School for me a 1 year $6k diploma program. All the courses are set and stuff.
      Not worried about the program as much as if they'll help me be a better me/helper,
      or if they are going to mold me into what I 'ought' to be.
    13. SageTree
      Happy settling in on your new move. Hope that's all for good reasons and such. :)
      Summer feels like it's lessening in the air the last few days.
      Seeing more flannel in the evening.
      Starting school on the 7th of Sept.
      Waiting for that and all.
      After my permit came, it was easy street feelings.
      That was the big hump to going to school. :D
    14. SageTree
      Hope you're doing well my Friend! :)
    15. Madhuri
      That would be preferable. How are you?
    16. ratikala
      welcome back and thankyou for the thankyou :namaste
    17. SageTree
      Thanks for the frubals. Your kind words are appreciated more than you may know. Thank you. :namaste. It's been a pleasure making friends with you on here. :)
    18. illykitty
      Thanks for the frufrubal for our cat. He is very cute, which is misleading. He is a true hunter! O.o My husband was walking him outside on a leash, and a bird flew by, he jumped and caught it! Couldn't believe my eyes. But yes, he's very human friendly, very aggressive towards other animals. Hence why the leash. -_- I don't want him to kill a neighbours cat.

      But yeah, anyway, thanks! I'm sure Kirby likes the attention, lol. =^_^=
    19. Riverwolf
      As do I. ^_^
    20. Bob Dixon
      Bob Dixon
      I'm fine, thanks! I just got back from a two-week vacation, so that was fun. I'm now trying to recuperate.

      And you always did seem like a UU type of person to me, actually.
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