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Jul 12, 2014
Mar 17, 2011
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It's all about the Light, from Nova Scotia, Canada

Foxfire was last seen:
Jul 12, 2014
    1. gnostic
      Thank you for the frubal, foxfire. *burp* :eek: It's very tasty. :eat:
    2. Vouthon
      Thank you for the frubal :)
    3. Marble
      Rolling is great today, hope for you too?
      Saw your video about the shell game winning cat, couldn't frubal you regrettably.
    4. Road Warrior
      Road Warrior
    5. Road Warrior
      Road Warrior
      You are Foxy! You kick butt too. Woot!
    6. 9-10ths_Penguin
      Hi, Foxfire.

      Are you not able to attach any files at all?

      You should be able to attach pictures to messages: when you're on the new post/new reply page, down the page a bit under "Additional Options", you should see a button labelled "Manage Attachments". Just hit that and a pop-up dialogue window will come up that will allow you to attach a file.

      If you have a pop-up blocker active, it might be preventing the dialogue window from opening.

      Now... our size limit for attached pictures is pretty small, so if you have a decent-sized photo you want to share, it's usually best to host it on a photo upload site like flickr or photobucket and post the link here rather than doing it as an attachment.
    7. RayJeena
      Thank you, Foxfire, for the add! :)
    8. TurkeyOnRye
      I suppose you could say I have a dread fear of being hit with a ton of bricks. :p
    9. MissAlice
      You're welcome. And yes I am a crazy cat gal myself. :p
    10. TurkeyOnRye
      I'm 24, Foxfire. I'm intrigued to see how I will feel when I'm your age. I believe it when people say that the twenties are some of the most stressful years of a person's life. Probably due to my insecurities
    11. TurkeyOnRye
      Are you old? You must have been alive when Stairway was created, right? :)
    12. TurkeyOnRye
      Stairway rocks the cat's pajama bottoms. I once did a karaoke to that song...after several drinks, lol. The great thing about doing karaoke to that song is people cheer even if you're a terrible singer. "YEAHH!!! STAIRWAY!!! WOO!!!"
    13. *Anne*
      Thanks. :)
    14. Foxfire
      Having a blast so far. I can't believe how big this place is. I love that RF accepts everyone - the only thing in common is that we like religion/spirituality, or at least are interested in its many forms. Differences should always be acknowldeged in the same way we adore our similarities, IMHO.
    15. Breathe
      Welcome :)
      Hope you're enjoying yourself here.
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  • About

    I have asked "Why?" since I was two years old. Love life with its warts and all.


    Having faith in her own path, she does not need to prove someone else's path is wrong.​
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