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  • Thanks for great and insightful posts in my thread. Wish I could give you more frubals, but the site doesn't allow it, sorry.
    I saw your post about being concerned over some of the things people had been telling you and I wanted to offer this link Assurance of Salvation It helped me a lot when I was going through a time of doubting my faith and eternity. Hope it helps!
    Well, you can interpret it how you want, but I see it as him referencing the entirety of the commandments, not just the 10.
    But like I said, he obviously taught adherence to more than just the 10 commandments, where does it say only the 10 will last?
    He specifically said he didn't come to abolish the Law. Does that mean you can now commit adultery and covet? Obviously not. Likewise, if Jesus commanded to not defraud, then he's referring to the rest of the Mosaic Law as well.
    Also, the mere fact that Jesus mentioned "Do not defraud" implies that more than the 10 commandments were being mentioned as binding commandments. Additionally, Jesus tells the healed Leper to make a sacrifice "As Moses" commanded.
    Luke 16:17 and Matthew 5:17-20 says they are eternal. Heaven and Earth will collapse before a single iota is void.
    But he said "Do not defraud" In the same sentence as "do not bear false witness". Do not defraud is not in the original 10. Also, the first commandment is different than the second. He also never mentions coveting. So does that mean you can now covet?
    The word "Complete" isn't be used as "terminate", but "final touches". Like "I completed my collection", doesn't mean I threw the collection out.
    Matthew 7:22-23, the "lawless' will be rejected, and he means "those against Mosaic Law", Matthew 5:17-20 means the Law will be forever in effect, same with Luke 16:17. Christianity was completely Jewish until much after Christ dead.
    That's where we disagree, I also don't consider Paul authentic, and few scholars accept that Ephesians was even written by him.
    you are welcome. I would encourage you to examine the bibles teachings... people do twist the scriptures and misapply them, so that is why you must check the scriptures yourself. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me and i will do my best to direct you to the scriptures for answers.
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