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  • Haha, thanks for the frubals :D Too bad he took his ball and went home... I really thought he might have had a breakthrough, there.
    haha! I've wanted a Fizgig of my own from being a child.

    No worries, to be totally honest I've been avoiding that thread. I have kind of a short temper and if I was in your position I'd have blown by now. Again, credit to you for keeping your composure!
    You are welcome. And thanks for the frubal :)

    Although it was just a generic answer without referring to the actual person and event that took place!
    i need your guidance please. Am i allowed to ask for advice from any members who might be doctors?
    :facepalm: The house we could afford was in a city with strict ordinances on three breeds, including Pit Bulls and of course Pit mixes attached.

    We could pay an extra license fee, get a special registration and keep a neon pink collar and muzzle on him at all times in public. I wanted him to have his dignity and go live on family land where he could spread his wings and guard the horses :D

    Now we have two cats and two other dogs, Chihuahua and a Pomeranian lol Hard to ever really replace a dog of course. When we first moved here Ninja jumped out a window to scare a stray away from the twins who were 2 years old. They were his babies too!
    I was out of frubals or would have provided :D

    Your dog looks like my "Ninja" that now lives with relatives. Kids were raised with him since birth
    Interesting article re the discussion on Knowledge and Belief. I may have to order "Mind and the World Order" to read. In particular, "Our conceptual system can at best specify a system of possible worlds; within it the actual is not to be deduced but acknowledged."
    Thank you. Now I'm going to put my head on a nice, fluffy pillow -- instead of beating it against a brick wall. :)
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