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Things about me, First I'm a Christian. But do not believe in the same ways other Christians do.
Other Christians takes what their pastors will tell them, then go about trying to incorporate it into God's word which will not work with me.
I know enough to know the difference between man's teachings and God's teachings in his word.

I'm retired.live alone, spend my time studying. I like learning.when I was a small child, the first time I heard about the dinosaurs, that they were Millions or Billions yrs old.that struck my curiosity, because I was under the belief as most Christians are to day. That the earth and everything in it had the starting at the creation week at Adam and Eve.
But what I found out that was not true. God's word proves that earth is over Millions or Billions of yrs old.

I go walking thru the country side, I like riding my motorcycle.
I spend time with close friends that has the belief as I do about dinosaurs and the earth.
We travel to museums just to look at the dinosaurs bones and wonder what the world then really look like.
I work for a company for 45 yrs.
I am not into trying to tell anyone how they are to live. If they want to talk with me that's fine.i will let them know my point of view on things. If a person chose to live their life the way want to, what's that to me.
I am not here to ridicule anyone on how they live. Let's take homosexualls if they chose that life, what's that to me. I am not here to place Judgement on anyone.i will talk with them, but I will not try to push my beliefs on them or their beliefs on me.
Who am I to say a person should die or they are condemn for the way they live, that is not for me to say or to condemn anyone.
I am not in this world to live up to anyone else's agenda nor are they to live up to mine either.
If a Atheists wants to disbelieve in God, that's them, what is that to me, nor is it for Atheists to push on me.
If we can walk together to agree to disagree, then at lease we can agree on something.
I like to share what I know, but if there are some who disagree and it maybe vice versa for me.but at lease we can agree to disagree. If a person starts to curse at me. That tells me. They want to have mind control over me. Which will not work with me.
I am not one to take the bible and beat people over their heads with it.

I throw things out there to see what people will say or believe in what they do.so I share with them. But if they ask, how I come by certain things, I try to explain as best as I can in the simplest terms possible. But if they do not agree, What is that to me, I did what is required of me to share what I know.and that I do.who am I to curse anyone, just because they do not agree with me or I agree with them.

As for my personal life, I am very private about especially here on the internet. So not to say much about my personal life.

Thank you for your time.
Rather not say