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Recent content by EverChanging

  1. EverChanging

    Question mostly for Christians

    There may be only one ultimate reality but there is still room in the Bible for lesser divinities.
  2. EverChanging

    Occult Spirituality and Holy Guardian Angel

    What do you think of the idea of drawing down the essence or body of the HGA as a means of union in a eucharist/mass/holy communion? This is something I am experimenting with currently.
  3. EverChanging

    Why do you need a god(s), God?

    I have a strong religiosity that I find brings me a great sense of wellbeing when I express it through creativity and building my own theological concepts and rituals. I find that God(s) provide a useful focal point for that urgency to create and to live meaningfully. Why do art? Why create...
  4. EverChanging

    Occult Spirituality and Holy Guardian Angel

    Do you believe the HGA has a spiritual body, or some form or means of embodiment?
  5. EverChanging

    Occult Spirituality and Holy Guardian Angel

    Interesting. Can you recommend books or articles on the HGA as an extension of the Logos? Would you say the Logos is the higher self of the HGA?
  6. EverChanging

    Occult Spirituality and Holy Guardian Angel

    For those involved in occult spiritualities such as Thelema (as just one example among many) can you elaborate on your concept of the Holy Guardian Angel? What is it? Who is it? How do you obtain union with it? Is it identified with God or the Logos? Any other thoughts?
  7. EverChanging

    Thelemic Mass

    I've been reading about the Gnostic Mass. I am trying to understand, when the elements are consecrated as the Body and Blood, is this meant to be the Body and Blood of the Holy Guardian Angel?
  8. EverChanging

    against pagans?

    This doesn't address any thoughts whatsoever contained in my post, but suffice it to say, since you did not discuss any of them, that I am strongly grounded in Tradition, and I disagree with elements of protestantism. But I'm not going to condemn you to hell for it.
  9. EverChanging

    against pagans?

    The scriptures may be inspired according to Catholic belief. That doesn't mean that they're not man-made. Nor does it imply that atheism is true.
  10. EverChanging

    against pagans?

    What about religions, whether similar or different, are not man-made?
  11. EverChanging

    against pagans?

    Just a few thoughts this post brings to mind: In Jeremiah 35, pagans, the Rechabites, receive a blessing for adherence to their traditions. They were faithful, honest, and sincere. Judah herself according to Jeremiah had been unfaithful, and the Rechabites were held up as an example of...
  12. EverChanging

    against pagans?

    Isn't it the most honest and charitable to recognize both the similarities and the differences?
  13. EverChanging

    against pagans?

    This is too simplistic. I cannot speak for all others, but I am for the flourishing and wellbeing of all conscious beings, and I believe that God will reconcile and save all. Furthermore, nothing that is good and true in pagan religions should be rejected. It may even be, in a Christian...
  14. EverChanging

    Would an abrahamic believer pick up a book with "witchcraft" as its title?

    Though traditional practices in Christianity wouldn't use the term witchcraft, there are traditions of folk magic in Christianity going back centuries.
  15. EverChanging

    Catholicism's Spirituality

    Although these days this is a minority position (albeit one growing in popularity), I am hopeful for universal salvation, and we do indeed in the Catholic Church in popular prayers and in liturgy pray for universal salvation, and we believe God does will all to be saved. We hope and pray for...