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  • Thanx for the socialist....er, no...capitalist....no...socialist frubalist.
    And for furbling Biden's many qualities.
    And for the Biden curing cancer fruber.
    And for furballing anti-Trumpers avoiding serious discussion.
    And for the list of things I don't worry about froobal.
    And for fooblring being armed around BLM protesters.
    And for froobing being found guilty of contempt for Congress.
    And for the frubal in good taste.
    And for Nike & the $5 bet frubal.
    And for froobing less than stinging criticism.
    And for the premature impeachulation frubation.
    And for flurbing TWAP.
    And for the kneeling (or not) froobal.
    And for utterly bonkers demonization of gun owners as fashionistas.
    And for froobing Hillary's lack of information system savvy....or even concern.
    And for the greatly disappointed overseas troops frubal.
    (They so looked forward to seeing Pelosi, eh.)
    And for furballing the difference between prostitutes & lawyers.
    And for the "Make America Venezuela Again" frubyl.
    And for the Pope & OAC similarity frubity.
    And for flurbing non-communist USA.
    Thanx for the bucket of warm frooblet!
    And for flurbing finding merit in Ayn Rand!
    And for the watching but not voting frubing.
    And for fruballing caring less.
    And for the more valuable home frubal.
    And for froobing trusted news sources.
    And for the questionable Syrian pull-out controversy frubersy.
    And for furballing TAD & TDS treatments.
    Thanx for the impeachie frubie!
    They're all for justice when going after the other side, but not their own.
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