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Mar 20, 2011
Dec 18, 2010
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SLC, Utah


Om Mani Padme Hum, from SLC, Utah

emptybe was last seen:
Mar 20, 2011
    1. Breathe
      I'm the other way: the only Dharmic path I can't get "into" is Jainism.

      I can totally understand your point about feeling like you need to become a monk to accomplish anything in Theravadin philosophy. This sounds a bit odd, but I'm not big on celibacy and monkhood and stuff. I feel it has a large potential to become an obstacle to nirvana, as opposed to a way.

      If you feel at home, that's the best news. :)
    2. Breathe
      Hehe, I'm the same. I loooooove Vajrayana and Mahayana. I've always had Buddhism close to me since being a wee one, too. I love the mystical side of things.

      What was it that brought you to it?

      I hold Vajrayana and Mahayana Buddhism highly. I may have practised Theravada when young, but I like the mystical side. That and I don't feel as 'pushed away' by the sangha with them if I say "I believe in a sort-of God and a soul-nature - of sorts". :D
    3. Breathe
      Glad you found your way. You could have done a lot worse than Vajrayana. ;)

      What do you mean by "Tibetan methods"? Do you mean mantra meditation such as the use of "Om Mani Padme Hum"?
    4. Breathe
      You went of Tibetan Buddhism then, eh? Nice. :)
    5. Songbird
      Hi and thanks. :)
    6. Rainbow Mage
      Rainbow Mage
      I'd hang out with you too :)

      I hang out with all sorts
    7. Breathe
      Do you know which book you are going to start with? I'd suggest Buddhism With Attitude, work your way up to Bardo Thodol, since it's a main text and very esoteric. :)
    8. Breathe
      Depends what you are after.

      What are your beliefs, for example? There's no point in me suggesting some religious texts that do not mean anything to you. :)

      I'd say check out Lotus Sutra and Heart Sutra, too, though. :)
    9. Breathe
      Yeah it definitely is difficult to find information on it. Have you read the Bardo Thodol?

      Finding Vajrayana rituals will be a bit difficult, since Vajrayana seems to exist in a continuum with its sister religion of Tibet, Bon, for example, Nyingma seems to be most like it.

      If you're after Vajrayana Buddhism, you can speak to a few members on here. MysticSangha (if she's about at the moment) is definitely worth chatting to. :)
    10. Breathe
      LOL! Probably. :D

      Well, I consider myself syncretic: a mix of all of them and more. I'm happy to go to mandir, gurdwara or Buddhist temple (I use the term 'wat' usually). If someone asks if I'm Hindu, Sikh or Buddhist, I'll say yes. :D

      How's your searching going? Do you have any goal direction yet? Did you check out Vajrayana?
    11. Breathe
      I'm so sorry that certain member has derailed your thread. :(
    12. Breathe
      I can totally relate with your posts. I wish you good luck in your search. Don't settle for less. :)
    13. happyhummingbird
      Thank god. No. I am not in SLC.
    14. Breathe
      Excellent. :) I wish you luck!
    15. Breathe
      Aah, I see. :)

      I've often noticed that there is a lot of confusion to what the no self that Buddhism denies actually is. Kind of a problem considering the atman of Hinduism has changed, and there's also an atman of Jainism which is different to both the atman of Hinduism before and after. :D I did a post on it recently but it's kind of been a bit ignored, but oh well. :)

      Have you considered looking into Vajrayana Buddhism or Bön , then? Maybe that would be good for you?
    16. Breathe
      Haha, aww. :D

      Well, what do you believe on some things, such as soul, afterlife, "God", and so on? Is it one of those that causes problems for you?

      I ask this because I've been a practising Buddhist (even though my religion says Hindu, I'm technically a syncretist :D) since I was 14, and only after I stopped practising it for a while when I had a flirting with Christianity, did it I see this whole "there is no soul" of Buddhism. That was, and still is, alien to me - especially since Buddha denied materialism/nihilism, which I've noticed a lot of western Buddhists follow. I got my Buddhism from Thais, Nepalis, Indians, Chinese and Japanese people. :D

      Have you checked out the following:

      Mahayana Buddhism

      If so, what do you think?
    17. Breathe
      Oh yeah, I know what you mean. As one who has sought before, I know how tiring it can be.

      Have you tried any "belief quizzes" or used the seekers DIR or anything to give you some kind of nudge in the right direction?
    18. Breathe
      Hey emptybe, how's it going?

      I've noticed you've jumped from Ásatrú to Buddhist to "no clue". Having difficulties deciding? :)
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