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Don Penguinoini

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  • I'd rep you in return, but I need to spread some rep around first!
    And as to your message: right back at ya my friend! :D
    Probably :D

    He said something about how Jesus is Helios or something today, and earlier this month, something about Jesus not existing. He offers long passages of "Yahweh is El who is the Canaanite El who corresponds with Baal and <insert long pasasage> who is Zeus and Zeus rhymes with moose and Zeus had a kid named Osiris and we noticed the Os in Osiris is from Helios and the Os became us in Jesus". :D

    At least, however, he's doing research! Better than some people we've encountered.
    Yes, it's a 3. VCRs (probably before your time :D) in the US usually would reserve channel 3 for the input broadcast signal, so static on 3 would mean no signal coming in. :)
    Well, that sounds like a decidedly unexciting game! 0-0? You might as well take up knitting!
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