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Don Penguinoini
Jun 23, 2007
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dont look here freak
School and nuthin much.

Don Penguinoini

Modi., from dont look here freak

Lolololol reading back at all the dumb **** I used to say. Hilarious. Dec 10, 2014

    1. ranjana
      Hey Don!
      No I wouldnt say I am any religion; I know so little about any! Also am too rebellious or free-spirited to fit nicely into anything too organized:D
      I have however found a teacher that chose the path of vedanta (or so i figure.... never having heard anyone use that title!) but when I read about it, it inspired me to great depths...
      But east or west it makes sense for me in this lifetime, it is totally freeing! but is anything but escapism.
      No, surely I cant call myself hindu, especially as I have islamic tattoos! (dont tell anyone around here ;)) so maybe I just am a little bit of everything!
      was that confusing enough? :confused:
      thanks for the inquiry! how is life going for you lately?
    2. Booko
      Not bad! In fact I got on to let a few users with food allergies know that there's an actual cure available. Wow it's been a real life changer for me and the daughter! Good to see you knocking around here still. I don't expect to be on here much, but you never know.

      You're a Man U fan? Wow..didn't know! Man U rocks. :D
    3. Breathe
      Awesome :D
    4. Breathe
      Your response in Hinduism pt 2 made me cheer :D
    5. Darkwater
      Hail PENGUINOINIO....

      wOW all the babes are hitting on you.:)

      S'ralex tis de man.
    6. blackout
      Waddda Ya Mean Old!
    7. Circle_One
      Ooohh... so you're planning on kicking some butt this time around, or what?
    8. Circle_One
      That COULD be it.... but I had two chicks going along with me too, so what does that say?
    9. Circle_One
      Nope, there's only one PI and Mrs C was taken out in the beginning. I was just a plain old civilian, with a big mouth and the ability to make other people listen to what I say, hehe :D
    10. Circle_One
      I'm doing good, darling. Just flying high after my mafia win ;)
    11. Breathe
    12. Breathe
      Deep. :D
      A metaphorical spam confession box... hm.. :D
    13. Breathe
      ..where is THAT? :D
    14. Breathe
      *hides in the spammy goodness and builds himself a home under it*
      Hm.. spam. I want some spam now. :D
    15. Breathe
      Spammy goodness :D
    16. Breathe
      Hip hip!! (I feel like I'm spamming :D)
    17. Breathe
      Hip hip! :D
    18. Breathe
      Three cheers for shnazzyness! :D
      Hip hip...!
    19. Breathe
      I like the "Eye of God". :D
    20. Breathe
      Yeah I am :D
      I love the pic, but I don't think it'd let me use it :(
      Ah well :D
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    dont look here freak
    School and nuthin much.
    Hindu Atheist
    I am the best.