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Recent content by DNB

  1. DNB

    How to Serve the Word in Christianity

    Countless individuals have received the Word, and yet, only a few are chosen. Receiving the Word is not an essential aspect of salvation or evangelism, outside of the fact that '...one cannot believe, if they have not heard...'. Point is, comprehension an conviction are the integral dispositions...
  2. DNB

    Abrahamic faiths - the true one God

    No two religions, or even denominations are alike, for that is the reason for the factions and dissentions - disagreements. All roads do not lead to Rome, as certain tenets that divide one faith group from another, are not only irreconcilable between the two or more parties, but are also life...
  3. DNB

    Is it Possible the God actually has FOUR parts?

    I give up?
  4. DNB

    Is it Possible the God actually has FOUR parts?

    Soapy, for crying out loud, - therefore God's parts cannot be quantified, nor any of His essence. He is one, yes, you are right, but in the context of the OP, who is attempting to count the dimensions of His essence, God cannot be quantified - He is complete and pure in every manner, that it is...
  5. DNB

    God and this world?

    If God made the world, then by necessity, throughout all its stages and transformations, it is exactly how God wanted it, for better or for worse - for man. If we are in a cursed and corrupted phase of God's plan for the earth, it is precisely what God wanted, and for the best of reasons. God...
  6. DNB

    Is it Possible the God actually has FOUR parts?

    Is it Possible the God actually has FOUR parts?
  7. DNB

    Where do you stand on false accusations?

    Well, that's a peculiar question, isn't it? In other words, what good can come out of bearing false witness against another? This is not synonymous with a white lie - a false accusation as an deliberate attempt at injuring another party. The only good that I can see to be derived from such an...
  8. DNB

    Is it Possible the God actually has FOUR parts?

    God cannot be quantified - it goes without saying that we are talking about a single Being or Entity. Pay attention to the context of the OP.
  9. DNB

    Is it Possible the God actually has FOUR parts?

    No - God cannot be quantified, nor divided or compartmentalized, nor contingent or dependent, nor confused or contradictory.
  10. DNB

    Is the deist God most logical?

    Thank you!
  11. DNB

    Theists who believe in freewill?

    Knowing what will happen and planning for and around it, is very different than either intervening and causing something to happen, or hard-coding the events and the outcomes. God's wisdom allows Him to anticipate all possible results of any particular situation, no matter who is involved. And...
  12. DNB

    What do you think about other religions?

    Well, that's right, that's what it comes down to - you can harmonize anything under the sun provided that one ignores all the differentiating factors - that being, the most defining. eg: White supremacists are just proud of their race - did not Christ not come to remove the shame of his...
  13. DNB

    Is the deist God most logical?

    Yes, if God created everything, and that man has the capacity to even question or fathom such a concept, presupposes the innate affinity with the Creator. All other creatures do not have such an awareness, but the fact that one particular genus does, indicates a relationship between man and the...
  14. DNB


    God did NOT manifest Himself as a human. God is transcendent, sublime and ethereal, incorporeal and un-circumscribable. Only heretics claim that God became a man, or that He can even do so without either or the universe collapsing, or every human that He encounters dying.
  15. DNB

    What do you think about other religions?

    read them again