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Dirty Penguin
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Dec 13, 2017
Jan 13, 2007
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Virginia, USA

Dirty Penguin

Master Of Ceremony, from Virginia, USA

Dirty Penguin was last seen:
Dec 13, 2017
    1. *Anne*
      I've been following the "Fossil Record" thread and wanted to thank you for your patient explanations and helpful videos. Science is definitely not my thing, but I am curious about the ID vs. Evolution argument. I appreciate your posts and have enjoyed learning from you. :)
    2. faridah0ba
      Hi Dearest one([email protected])
      How are you today,I am sorry to worry you with my Proposal for a relationship with you, but I know that you will grant my request in good sense and understanding, My name is Miss farida, i saw your profile today in Religious Education Forum - Discuss, Compare and Debate Religions in Our Online Community and became intrested in you,i will also like to know more about you. i'm hoping to hear from you soon so that I can send you more details about my self Including my picture. I believe we can move from here. Bear in mind that Love has no colors barrier,religious,the only important Thing there is love.
      Yours Sincerely.farida.please dear contact me to my id so that we can know each other.([email protected])
    3. lifesaharvest
    4. Gabethewiking
      Do not worry, I am `retty much giving up, what is the point, the few peopel who WANT to listen usually just lie and waste ones time, they are horrible horrible people, why are Religious people, specifically Fundies, the most evil and horrid I ever seen whiles claiming to spread love and understanding? Contradictions of the world, I am giving up.
    5. dogsgod
      Thanks dirty penguin, I was using BibleGateway.com: Search for a Bible word or phrase in over 35 languages and 50 versions. ,a slow and crude method to find parallels, but these are excellent cross references, thanks again.
    6. stacey bo bacey
      stacey bo bacey
      hey dirty penguin, where in va are you from? i live up by fairfax
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    Virginia, USA


    And if there were a God, I think it very unlikely that He would have such an uneasy vanity as to be offended by those who doubt its existence - :shrug: