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  • Greetings... Spiritual and mystical, its not belong to any religion actually... you just learn the basics from there... As I am, i have a lot of student, that are non-muslim... There's no religion barrier, in spiritual and mystical knowledge... Take Care
    I thought I responded to that. Odd. Maybe it didn't send? :confused:

    I know what you mean; I just wish something would 'click' for me too. Since I'm of no particular faith, picking many, it's a bit sloppy for me. Christianity doesn't seem to click for me, really. Just something about it; I don't know what, though. Yet at the same time, I seem to prefer one-life as opposed to many, which is odd because I didn't before.

    Good idea to step up the practise. Let me know if it helps. :)
    Ahh Monty Python, watched some of it because of my husband. Affraid to say that I don't get some of it. u_u'

    Thanks! I miss posting more but I feel it's helping to not be on as much, getting a bit more clear headed.
    Really? Then maybe you should look at, say, Episcopalianism, Lutheranism, Methodism, something like that? :D
    Ugh I am so with you! I believe religion should have compassion and love, and I don't get that from most of the Muslims I know. What I get is, "do this or you'll go to help, do that and you'll get reward". Everything is supposed to be in Allah's name, not for the kindness of fellow man. Tragedy is a test, etc. I have a very hard time with hell and the treatment of non-Muslims as well. Women? Don't get me started. I find myself on the opposite side of almost every Muslim I talk to. They will say how loving Allah is, yet his punishments are so so severe just for questioning him? Tough sell, IMO. I'm depressed about it. :(
    That sounds good. :)

    I like the Episcopalian church; it's varied, so you can have a nice liturgical style, or a more modern happy-clappy one. :D

    I have a soft spot for Islamic prostration, though, which is one thing I'm meh with about Christianity; the prayer isn't so awesome. I like a lot about Islam, except I don't think it'd be for me, personally. If I were to try, I'd end up a Qur'an Alone Sufi Universalist or something. :D As a non-Trinitarian, its heavy emphasis on one God is awesome.
    I don't think I fit in well at all, as I really do believe Islam needs a revolution and needs to be adapted to modern times. That never goes over well with other Muslims lol. I think people who feel this way end up leaving Islam altogether, at least in their hearts.
    Really? Wow. I'm glad I was helpful. :)
    Yeah, if you're theistic, Buddhism can be really problematic. Often it's easier to just take the principles practices to mind, and follow another religion. I'm glad you've been enjoying Sufism, and I can understand why. Mysticism ftw. :)
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