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Last Activity:
Jun 6, 2015
Jun 14, 2008
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Guardian of Asgaard, from Australia

darkendless was last seen:
Jun 6, 2015
    1. TashaN
      How are young man whom i thought to be old .. veryyy old? :D
    2. Don Penguinoini
      Don Penguinoini
      Those silly Spurs...
    3. DallasApple
      GOOD,...Im serioulsy learning from you..My smart *** answers are my devlish way of pretending Im a certain 16 year old know it all just to tickle myself.I truly never realized how the cities drain the urban areas.I mean I know about the polution factor.I didnt realize the other..Keep talking Im listening.Im sure others are too.Love
    4. DallasApple
      Im not mean(except for when Im mean).And dont feel bad.I didnt even realize I got on your nerves !!! So you must be pretty damn nice.
    5. .lava
      hi :) Happy new year
    6. Don Penguinoini
      Don Penguinoini
      Man Utd were and are better...
    7. Don Penguinoini
      Don Penguinoini
      Upset to be honest, Man Utd were easily the better team in that game...
    8. Don Penguinoini
      Don Penguinoini
      Yes, the classic Tottenham West Ham clash... I live close to West Ham's stadium too. There were a coupla football-related fights in my school :D Rednkapp proves just why he is an amazing manager!

      We did snatch the last goal... The Serbian soldier is not one to back down :D Pavlyuchenko is not really a problem, all in all he is not that good. Within time, he can be good.

      Looking forward to it!
    9. Don Penguinoini
      Don Penguinoini
      I was supposed to go to White Hart Lane for that!!! The tickets were all sold out when we called :( :(:(

      Be prepared to share some love with the Man U fans.
    10. SpiritualBeing
      Why thank you. It's not bad for a 15 year old, eh.
    11. SpiritualBeing
      Cool, the 'sunny' Golden coast. Over here in Scotland, we don't get a lot of sun. My relatives are from somewhere in Victoria.

      I mainly play Heavy Rock and Metal on guitar, and can play a lot of Dragonforce and Metallica. I once met Metallica while they were on a World tour.
    12. SpiritualBeing
      Hey there. Wereabouts do you stay in Australia? I have relatives that stay in Australia, and they said it's fantastic.
    13. Luminous
      Thank you, which one?
    14. The Voice of Reason
      The Voice of Reason
      Harsh? Absolutely. Too harsh? Is that possible, when dealing with the dogmatic?
    15. kai
    16. .lava
    17. Heneni
      Sometimes, we go through stuff that makes us want to feel connected. And then no-one looks up. Like a father that stares over his newspaper while you try to get his attention.
    18. Syfonic
      I was just messaging you to see if you were interested in starting your own forum. If so you may be interested in starting your own forum for free at ForumSecure.com

      Your forum will get unlimited webspace and bandwidth (traffic). You will also have complete control over all aspects of your forum. No programming or web design knowledge is needed to start a forum here. It is all done for you.

      If you are interested but want more info feel free to contact Chase on the support forum for ForumSecure.

      Website: http://www.forumsecure.com
    19. Darkwater
      You got big balls of steel which don't crush easy....HAIL!
    20. .lava
      i don't mind what you believe, i just like your attitude :)
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    All hail dystopia
    Your parasite messiah never comes
    Destroyers are not saviours in wartime misery