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  • Not about truth but whatever it takes to assimilate all it seems....sleazy sales tactics! I fight back peacefully for all ancestral traditions :D My brother who has studied Hebrew and Greek extensively used to pitch in and we would get kicked quickly :cool:
    I used to spend some time back on j4j chatrooms...I figured out it was a Southern Baptist front before I later read it out right :facepalm:

    The deception is not honorable by any means
    That's another thin: how do you come up with those lines so fast! I was laughing the whole time.
    That was crazy. I can't believe you did that! She says she wasn't unlearned when she made the switch, but doesn't know half the verses you quote. To be fair, par/parim are bull/s not cow/s. But she should have known EGEL hazahav, the colden CALF
    It's veerrry frustrating. But I'm hoping that in case there is some chance that some Christian will think twice about using any of this stupidity as a proof to some unlearned Jew, that it might have some benefit so I keep trying. I am starting to see the uselessness of it though.
    Thank you for the frubal.

    ...and yes they do. Some would do anything to justify their belief.
    I am doing fairly good. I am recently putting years of badassery to work......I decided to become a part time henchman for Lex Luthor :cool:
    Plagiarism is often pretty obvious. When I see a long, turgid diatribe I will often google some part of the text just to see what pops up.
    Yes, yes I got it sorry again ! xD
    So busy my brain is not working anymore when I get on the computer <__<
    So the tread title was "Stonehenge: the true tower of Babel". From what I remember was quite a WTF nonsense tread ô__o
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