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  • I remember that there is a Hadith saying figuratively that when Imam Huasain (A.S.) was killed all the houses in Madina were thinking that the imam was killed justly!

    The voice of the righteous people has always been low in this world. However as Shia Muslims we believe that the truth shall prevail at the end.

    I agree with you that we need to do more to show the world how beautiful islam is in it's pure image that is taught by AhlulBayt (a.s).

    May Allah accept us and made us with our infallible imams in this world and in the hereafter.

    Thank you for your kind remark
    ah so its just solidified milk. there is an indian grocery store down the road where i could get some. But i asked an indian lady in the supermaket today if there is anything equivalent and she said i could use powdered milk. So i'll try the powdered milk...it apparently tastes the same. Thanks.
    Hmmm. There is probably one about, somewhere. You could always give it to a local Hindu family, I suppose. If you have no idea, though, find out where one is, and keep them somewhere until you're going that way?
    Sorry; just saw your messages :)

    As for the pics; give them to a local mandir if possible if you don't want them? :)
    yes it is, but i think the hadith is not interpreted by muslims in the same way that we read it. It seems no one agrees that the hadith is saying that Uthman made a standard copy of the Quran and destroyed all the ones that were being used. I just wish i hadnt named the thread 'The Quran WAS changed' because i think it has put a lot of people in the defensive mode so discussion around the actual hadiths is not really happening the way I would have liked. But I hope you aren't offended by the thread.
    it certainly was a pudding and it was an incredible dessert... i love indian food..and thai...they are my two favorites. :)

    thanks that would be great. I had a dessert recently at an indian resturant. It was made with shredded carrot as its base and it had cardamon as its flavour...does that one sound familiar to you?
    i just read your last post wrt starsoul .
    i know the masla now .just Calm, Kuri !
    Shukr hai Khuda da tusi theek thak ho , sadda haal bahut vadiya hai . it seems Islamophobia :(
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