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  • Not really. Societally, life has been difficult. I've always been part of the lower working class. Now I'm treading on the poverty line. I have little connection to my family, and I had a rough school life.

    Still, I keep on smiling; I'm thankful for what I do have -- my wife, my children, my in-laws, and I'm thankful for what I can do. Read, relax, play games, meditate, and so on.

    Why do you ask? :)
    Most of the followers of ahlulbayt have joined shiasm during the last five centuries. This include Iran, South Iraq, and may be the majority of the Shias in Pakistan. Indeed South Iraq and the Shiites of pakistan who were sufis have joined Shiism in the last two century.

    We need to be optimistic...and try our best to preset shiism to the world, and Allah will convert the good people... Good Luck
    I follow sistani.
    However I am used to state the Fatwas of Fadlullah here because some of his Fatwas may be easier to follow than the Fatwas of of some other Shia Muslim marjahs.
    this is to refute wrong idea held by many non-muslims that Islam is hard to practice.
    Hey, yes I did! I just haven't been online much. I will respond properly soon. Glad to hear from you.
    ppl wanted me to explain why i am a Shia?!!!!!
    They must have more holes in their brain than the Swiss Cheese!!!!
    Will anyone ask me why I eat clean food and drink clean water rather than eating and drinking harmful food and water?!!!!!

    They must ask themselves why did they refused to follow prophet Muhammed SAAW who called for Shia Islam.

    Muharram is coming nearer !
    May Allah accept us to be with AhulBayt A.S. in this life and in the hereafter.
    Ghadeer Khum Mubarak to you too :)
    May Allah return it next year, while true believers are in better situations, by the blessings of Muhammed and his infallible progeny.
    Good luck with your study,
    I am currently I currently in Bahrain, where Eid here is in Mon.
    Please take a look on my website religioninform.com
    I am fine thanks, although I wish that i am now in Macckah, as it's Hajj time. May Allah enable us to visit his house, and the shrines of our prophet and imams SAAW. Alhamdulilah, I have been to hajj twice before.

    How are you doing? We missed you here for a whole month?!
    Thank you for your valuable comment regarding the first 3 caliph. Because of the mercy of Allah the truth is as clear as the sun, however some people insist to turn blind eye toward it. May Allah hasten the return of our beloved imam (peace be upon him).
    I guess it all comes down to beliefs in the end.

    Still, only God is infallible. Any human will, no doubt about it, filter a divine message through his own human lens.
    How would you know if someone is Infallible?
    After all, to be infallible you must be perfect and only God is perfect, so...
    Well, it's starting to make more and more sense, then.

    Still, it should be remembered that scholars aren't infallible and that their advice should be taken with a grain of salt, too.
    Ah, I see, that makes a bit more sense.

    What about the successors nowadays? Who determines those?
    Yeah. But now Disney comes out with weird stuff. My little sister is a big fan though. I know, it may be weird, but I am still a fan of the classics lol.
    Hello, I am Jacob Ezra =]/ I thought to say a hello. And that I like your 'Princess Jasmine' pictures. That movie, Aladdin is one of my favorites.
    According to Ahlulbayt a.s. teachings true believers are like awaken people, while all other humans are like sleeping and non-aware people. We need to work hard to reach the rank of true believers. May Allah accept us. Allahuma Sali Ala Muhamadin wa Aal Muhammed.
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