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Recent content by Christ Michael

  1. Christ Michael


    After Eve transgressed by eating the forbidden fruit, Adam did too. In reality, the transgression was sexual in nature. Adam's partner was a women named Laotta. http://www.religiousforums.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1247&highlight=TRUTH+Adam Cheers
  2. Christ Michael


    Sorry, but nothing could be farthest from the truth !! If your assertion is true then there would be no reason , whatsoever, to prefer choosing good over evil. If god is both, good and evil, why do we always feel better when we do good. If there is NO god, why do we always feel better when we...
  3. Christ Michael


    While your statement is true philosofically speaking, it is not true from a spiritual perspective. Good is a true spiritual quality, evident by the fact that, when we do good deeds, we FEEL happy and satisfied. Evil, not being a spiritual quality, can never make you feel good or satisfied. All...
  4. Christ Michael


    Understanding evil, sin and inequity helps in understanding the "TRUE NATURE OF REALITY ". Everything bad in the world is the product of our own choosing and has nothing to do with God. If we all decided to do good, evil wouldn't exist. Cheers
  5. Christ Michael


    Incorrect !! Goodness is one of the spiritual qualities of God The Father and as such it exists irrigardless evil. While evil can be defined as "absence of good", it doesn't work the other way around. Cheers
  6. Christ Michael

    John 1:1 Discussion

    I had already answered that question in the thread "Evil" thus: If you don't understand what I am insinuating please copy this post and take it to your grade 2 teacher and ask for an explanation !! In the mean time, if you have anything to add to this discussion about Jesus being God...
  7. Christ Michael

    John 1:1 Discussion

    P.S. Jesus CHRIST is A SON of God, an offspring between The Universal Father and The Eternal Son but he is God as well because he is the Creator of this PHYSICAL time-space creation in which we live. Cheers
  8. Christ Michael


    Had you read the whole thing, and UNDERSTOOD it, you would see that it is more along the lines in my signature. If you have a problem with it I suggest you take it up with God !!! Good luck !!!! Cheers
  9. Christ Michael


    Only the first two are correct ! Evil MUST exist in this EXPERIENTIAL and EVOLUTIONARY reality but evil only exists in POTENTIAL form. The truth of this is self-evident because if we ALL decided to do only good there would be no evil exibited in the world. Had you read "The Lucifer Manifesto"...
  10. Christ Michael

    Should the Bible be taken literally?

    Our Heavenly Father must be really confused: Now you know why there are so many confused people !! Cheers
  11. Christ Michael

    For What Did Jesus Christ Die?

    Christ NEVER died for anybody's sins !! That's a man-made, fear based theology. The definition of sin is : deliberate choice to do evil. Evil, however, is only POTENTIAL in our physical creation and as a potential it will be with us until the end of this creation. Potential evil equals...
  12. Christ Michael

    Doesn't WW2 Show Christiany is Wrong?

    But I thought that God was my Father ?!? I need to be saved from my own Father ??? And those quotes are the true "word of God", our loving Father ?? Have you read the topic "Fear based religions"?????? Cheers
  13. Christ Michael

    The 'Trinity' of Religious Contradiction

    Evil in our universe is only POTENTIAL. Jesus was able to live a PERFECT (sinless) life because he SPIRITUALIZED HIS MIND by doing the "will of The Father". All of us will have to do the same thing before we can ascend to The Father. Cheers
  14. Christ Michael

    Doesn't WW2 Show Christiany is Wrong?

    Save them from what ? Cheers
  15. Christ Michael

    Fear based religions