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Recent content by C&N

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    Shroud of Turin, Photograph of the Resurrection

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/4210369.stm http://www.shroudofturin4journalists.com/article.pdf http://shroud.com/pdfs/rogers5faqs.pdf What do you think of these sites then.
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    Can God create a rock so big...

    If god is omnipotent, then no, because his powers would be litmitless. But... If god is not omnipotent, then yes, he can create a rock so big that he couldnt even lift it (a single man can create a house for example, but is damned if hes gotta move it on his own).
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    Canada, Gay Marriage and a wake up call to the world

    Good thing this article was in december 2004, because the majority of the canadian news is about gun violence now (in toronto n e ways). A curfew was even considered to stop the violence. So the logic behind that plan was that these kids are willing to own a gun (which is illeagle in canada)...
  4. C


    No it's not ok if a religion is solely based on love, there has to be some truth behind it. This scientology is a total scam, honestly. They believe that this intergalactic ruler named Xenu rounded up a bunch of aliens and threw them into volcanoes on the earth because there was a population...
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    3 more reasons to hate the holiday season.

    Or maybe people are soooo much more decent and helping during christmas, that by comparison to the rest of the year, people are jackasses. Honestly, people are crazy nice, like as nice as Ned Flanders on the Simpsons during the christmas season. I know I am a way better person during this time...
  6. C

    3 more reasons to hate the holiday season.

    Sounds like you're a depsressed person. I am not a muslim, but I don't go and cry about the muslim people in my school making anouncements over the PA every day, I actually find it quite interesting, and they hold many events, which I go to (they are public ones, I don't just randomly show up)...
  7. C

    Favorite Comedian

    Ya Russell Peters is awsome, the first time I saw that 45 min clip, I was laughing so hard. Especially when he was talking about the Pacific mall (I've actually been in there before).
  8. C

    Bible, evolution NOT perfectly compatible, despite Jesuit apologetics

    Awww I wasn't finished... But yea you were saying about how the 90% of species became extinct in the 5000 something years, and ya I was just trying to say that the bible wasnt literally saying 7 days when it said so. I don't know enough about the bible to talk about that mix and match...
  9. C

    Bible, evolution NOT perfectly compatible, despite Jesuit apologetics

    I don't think that the bible states that the world is 5,765 years old. I know how it talks about it being created in 7 days but what is a day to an infinite being?
  10. C

    The Anti-Christ

    2012, just kidding
  11. C

    South Park and Religion

    Ok, crapping yourself when you die is the first thing they talk about in that episode, which lasts for about 20 seconds, because then Mr.Garrison comes by and tells everybody about how the new Wal-Mart is opening up. And that guy didn't commit suicide, the Wal-Mart hung him, because it knew that...
  12. C

    South Park and Religion

    Ummmm, I think you are actually talking about the Wal-Mart episode, where they spent literally 30 seconds on that subject. You could be talking about another episode possibly, but that episode dealt with that topic for a very small amount of time. And ya n e ways, South Park is all satire...
  13. C

    I am The Conspirator.

    My leg was itchy, nothing more...
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    New evidence disproving the evolutionary timeline.

    If you are saying that we evolved from apes, you are wrong. We apparantly have a common ancestor, but we never actually evolved from apes or monkeys. Just to correct u on that.
  15. C

    Athiest theories?

    I hate to break it to you, but you my friend, just commented on the post i made, but had nothing to say in rebuttal. Even on that piece of the site you quoted, there consisted of a bunch of I don't knows. The point I am trying to make is that how can something be made from nothing? Answer me...