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  • Maybe you misunderstood my question, sorry. My question was only what word you use to discuss God to others if you were to use Marathi or Hindi or another language, sorry if it looked like I was being rude. :)
    What do you mean? :confused: :confused: :confused: I never said anything about rejection or no freedom of expression. I don't understand what I have said?
    Ahh I see :) So what do you refer to God as in your prayers, if you pray, or if you tell someone you believe in God but are Buddhist?

    I like Ganesh, Shiv, etc too. :D But my favourite is Durga and Kali, but I also like Brahma.
    That's very cool. :)

    How do you visualize God? Do you have any names you use when referring to "Him"? For example, "Adibuddha", "Bhagavan", "MahaShunyata", "Ishvar", "Vajrasattva" or something else? :)
    Very beautiful. My view too. :yes:
    Do you do worship to God, or none? If yes, what kind? :)
    Hey friend, may I ask a question to you?

    My question is: What is your conception of God? :)

    I've never eaten, but I wish I had. Do you eat it with paneer or anything? Just pav bhaji? :D
    I've only been to the Ambedkarite temple a few times, but, like all Indians, I liked them. :D Surprisingly we have a large number of Nepali Buddhists here, too! Interestingly, many Nepali Buddhists here also go to the local Hindu mandir, as well. :D
    Oh cool. We have an Ambedkarite temple in my city. :) Do many Ambedkarites believe in God, "soul", and so on, or is this rare?
    That's very cool! :)

    What "denomination" of Buddhism do you follow? Mahayana? Vajrayana? Theravada? Ambedkarite? Zen? Or all/none? :D
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