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blü 2
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  • Thanx for foolbring the many sins of Evangelicalhumanist.
    And for the variety of Revoltistanian pests phlurbe.
    And for the having known unsavories frouberi.
    And for phlurbling the stained glass ceiling.
    And for the day everything got heavy fruby.
    And for fooblering Audie's sedition.
    And for the not needing saving Yeoman Rand phlurblit.
    Thanx for the very important perspective froobal.
    And for phruballing Jesus, the midwestern white guy.
    And for the danger to faith when a young adult phlurbe.
    And for foolbring calling me a lawyer...that's a paddle'n.
    And for the staff requesting erotic discipline flurbit.
    And for furlbing my confession to Audie.
    Thanx for the bacon adoration frubation.
    And for foorlbing changing thread titles & oneself.
    And for the sharing one brain over dark matter fruber.
    Thanx for the one about us in the bar fruble.
    And for froobing the traditional secular Xmas.
    And for the already said too much furball.
    Thanx for froobing a properly grounded foil hat.
    And for the greater good frubal.
    And for floobing disbelief in my own moral code.
    And for the tomorrow frubyl.
    And for furballing reproducing experiments.
    Good to see a fellow ex-Bnet poster here. :) I've always enjoyed your posts, glad to see you're posting again here.
    Excellent post on the "Why science can't give us all the answers" thread.
    Just keep on doing what you're doing.
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