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Sep 6, 2016
Aug 29, 2009
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Jan 24, 1992 (Age: 29)


Submit, 29

Bismillah was last seen:
Sep 6, 2016
    1. Parzival
      Bismillah, to answer your question, I am using the Ali √únal translation of the Qur'an.
    2. EiNsTeiN
      Thanks a lot! :)
    3. Vendetta
      Ah kind sir thank you for the flattery. You most of all will be missed since you have shown great resolve in your views on religion. You, and ssainhu, and others here have shown "True Islam" in every sense of the word. Reminds me of the friends I miss back in Afghanistan. I will send you my email, since that will be my primary form of communication
    4. Vendetta
      Well basically BUD/S 6 months-12month thing. On top of that you have additional training such as sniper school, medical school etc. There is also training in Antartica. So yeah with all that man there is no way I could formally participate and even if I did, it wont be until next year....maybe
    5. Vendetta
      August. I received my contract last month....I am probably going to do another 4 years in Navy "wash out" or don't "wash out." I plan not to wash out. If I succeed most likely you guys wont see me here again bud.
    6. Vendetta
      Where is that other avatar it was a cool picture?
    7. TashaN
      So i see you already found the Islam Private Forum, right? Is there anything else i can do for you bro? :)
    8. Badran
      Hahaha, thats okay. We made an announcement thread were we put the link. That thread is linked by TashaN in the thread in Islam DIR announcing our new private area. I've also put a link in that DIR thread that directly takes to the page where people can join.
    9. Badran
      Salaam Walid, no there is nothing wrong with your account. You just need to join the group first in order to be able to view it, since its private. Here's the link to the page where you choose to join the group.
    10. RitalinO.D.
      I wouldn't go so far to compare them to an actual terrorist organization, if I did that wasn't the intent. However, a couple of their members, including founding members have links to terrorist orgs. as well as extremist views. The Org as a whole may not share the views, but they should be careful who they let speak for them.
    11. TashaN
      Thanks for the comment bro. May Allah bless you and reward you. :)
    12. dmgdnooc
      Thanks for the frubal.
    13. Sunstone
      Sounds good to me. I'll be there in four or fewer minutes. :)
    14. Vendetta
      Oh you have finals man? Good luck....btw good comment in the racism thread bro
    15. Vendetta
      Bismillah, you're not cool....I just wanted to say that lol
    16. Badran
      Inshallah, i'll say this and i'm not just saying it as a compliment, you're in my opinion doing a fantastic job representing your opinions logically and respectfully all over the forum. I enjoy reading your posts.
    17. Badran
      Salaam Walid, just wanted to thank you for not becoming touchy or angry when discussing the issue, i really appreciate that.
    18. Gharib
      ah yes, i saw those posts, it didn't occur to that it was them. thank you brother, jazak allahu khair.
    19. Sunstone
      Up for a chat this morning?
    20. Gharib
      salam brother, where did you post the links? i had nothing in the message and i checked the Islam DIR but didn't see any new threads.
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    Jan 24, 1992 (Age: 29)


    They want to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah refuses except to perfect His light, although the disbelievers dislike it. Al-Qur'an 9:32
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