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Ben Masada
Last Activity:
Nov 13, 2012
Aug 12, 2008
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High School Teacher

Ben Masada

Well-Known Member, from Israel

Ben Masada was last seen:
Nov 13, 2012
    1. Meow Mix
      Meow Mix
      Hey, you mentioned Jezabel in one of the threads in the debate forum, I just have a quick question. There's a lyric from a band I like that mentions her but I don't get the significance:

      "Where did she go / I do not know in which direction was it snowing / I turn around again / Paint over pictures on the wall, I can't believe she gave me alcohol / I thought of Jezabel"

      Is there any meaning to that I'm not getting?

      YouTube - he is legend
    2. Diogenes
      I was reading your post on visions and was wondering if you have read Heschel's seminal work titled The Prophets? I'm sure you'd enjoy it. Incidentally, I ended up finding that book due to a dream I had. It was definitely one of my more memorable dreams. That book has become my Bible during dark times. Take care!
    3. Darkwater
      Wow Charity,we are on the same wavelength,just a couple of hours ok.

      Feel free to pm me Saturday's lottery number's 6 hour's in advance of the draw(7pm,saturday....now tuesday,11.40 pm)


      glad to hear you are ok Ben.
    4. Charity
      Thanks for the message, happy to hear that you are ok.
    5. Charity
      Hello Benny Bear.......Just wanted to say 'hello" and tell you the cookies are ready........
    6. zenzero
      Friend Ben,
      Don't you like me to be your friend?
      Love & rgds
    7. Charity
      Hello Ben, Are you ready to take that break? We can chat while eating milk and cookies.
    8. Heneni
      Hi ben! Well apart from the add below, im the first one to say hi to you in your private messaging box. At least the two of us are clear on who mary magdalene was...dont think many people here agree with us on THAT point! Have a great day Ben!
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    High School Teacher