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Dec 3, 2010
Mar 28, 2005
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member, from Hindiana

ayani was last seen:
Dec 3, 2010
    1. Fatihah
      Thank you. But how do I upload the picture?
    2. Fatihah
      I was never attracted to the idea of adding a picture to my name. Pictures tend to give a mental picture of who someone is. I did learn over time to loosen up to the idea and I have recently decided to add an avatar but I don't think I'm able to do so. I'm on this site through my blackberry phone so some of my options are limited. Multiquoting is one of them.

      Or perhaps its due to the fact that I'm doing it wrong. Could you show me how to add an avator?
    3. Breathe
      I will do, don't worry. :D
      As for finding it, that's a nightmare! Our house is only small, but things just seem to vanish into the furthest regions of space when you want them. :D I -think- I have an idea where it is, I think it's under the bed. :D
    4. Vile Atheist
    5. Breathe
      Good to hear God's keeping you well, life in the UK is not too bad. :)
      Weather's not bad, we have sun!! :D

      Say hi to your husband too for me :) I've got a laptop.. somewhere.. :D I need to find it though!
    6. Breathe
      Thank you ayani :)

      What's new for you? :)
    7. hussein
      thank you ,and I am sorry for being late responding your message, I was out in the conteryside,
      so dont bother my friend,
      trully yours
    8. Fatihah
      Just stopping by to say Hi. I hope everything is fine and you are doing well.
    9. Breathe
      Haha, thank you! :D

      I'm good thank you dear :) I think I'm losing weight! :D
      We were on holiday a while ago; was good fun! I actually caught some sun - only on arms, face and the back of my neck! Wish I could go back!! Only thing that I missed was no internet! :D
    10. bp789
      Thanks for the welcome.
    11. Riverwolf
      No problem. ^_^
    12. Breathe
      Thank you dear :)
    13. Fatihah
      Your welcome ayani. I appreciate the conversation as well. It's a good thing to have a conversation with a christian without having any kind of disrespect from either side despite our difference in beliefs, you being a christian and I a muslim. It's a true example of your good character and a quality I can respect in any person no matter what the religion.
    14. Luke
      thanks :)
    15. GURSIKH
      what is new, how are you?

      this moment is new , struggling to experience this !:D
    16. Don Penguinoini
      Don Penguinoini
      I will, for sure.
    17. Breathe
      Thank you! :)
    18. GURSIKH
      :witch:iclaf ayani ,
    19. Don Penguinoini
      Don Penguinoini
      Awww... Thank you so SO much, Ayani :) I have always thought you were exceptionally nice to everyone, especially me.

      Thanks for the invitation. Keep safe and be good :)
    20. Don Penguinoini
      Don Penguinoini
      I will do :)

      Yeah, i get it. I'll just refer to God as a male for you :) Just for you :D
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    "Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace, and be freed from your suffering."