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  • Yep -- I slip a few times here and there, but tend to usually be either treading on the edge or hopping off, and then doing my own thing. :D
    Likewise. I dont know many people with any knowledge of the various Tantric sects and the like, so it's nice to be able to discuss them with someone.

    Yes, I particularly like Dorje Legpa, mainly I was just attracted by his appearance, but other features also interest me. As that name is the Tibetan, I especially like the Sanskrit version which is Vajra Sadhu, which I have read can be translated as Indestructible Practitioner. I find myself attracted to the wrathful deities.
    Yeah, Amrit is not exactly compulsory. The definition of a Sikh according to the Reht Maryada is "one who believes in the Baptism".

    I also have no issues against icon worship. I don't see the big fuss some people make up, but I can agree it's not for everyone.

    Will PM you my own beliefs. A bit long. :)
    Ahh, I see. :) Thanks for telling me more about your beliefs. Would you say you fit closer into pantheism or panentheism, though?

    What is your opinion on Sikhism? Your beliefs match it pretty well. People are usually scared off by the hair, though (even though it's not compulsory unless one becomes a keshdhari or amritdhari). Are there any Kabirpanthi places in your area?
    How come you're definitely outside of its scope?

    Have you considered looking at Sant Mat or something like Neo-Vaishnavaism?
    What are your current beliefs in a nutshell, then, if you don't mind me asking? :)
    Wow, that's pretty awesome.

    What do you consider yourself as at the moment, then, religion wise? If you don't mind me asking, that is.
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