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  • Thanx for foolbering my desperately trying to clarify my position on creationism in schools.
    And for the proper course to address religion in schools furball.
    And for froublering not making arguments personal.
    And for the creationists not lying froobing.
    And for furballing my Uncle Bob.
    Thanx for the lesser apes (Gibbons) frubal.
    And for foolbring the greatest benefit, ie, being interesting.
    And for the never is a very long time phrube.
    And for furlbing remote & unmanned space exploration froobation.
    And for the not child abuse furball.
    And for fooblering merely a waste of resources & illegal.
    Thank you for your funny and like frubes on Is there true love if everyone obeys animal instincts?
    Cheers for frubaling Do people still believe everyone decended from Adam and Eve?

    And also for the frube on Does it bother you that people believe in God or other deities?
    Thanx for the experienced atheist froobal.
    And for fruballing keeping things from being negatively personal.
    And for the separation of science from religion furball.
    And for floorbing storybook claims vs science.
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