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  • Thanks for the informative on List of Nobel Prizes for Theory of Evolution
    Thanks also for the informative on If Bob is monkey, then he cannot come from monkeys.
    Thanks for all of the likes. Does your screen name mean you're interested in astronomy, specifically, stars? I've been learning a bit there lately myself from a show called How The Universe Works. One episode was on red dwarfs, another on white dwarfs, another on supernovae, and another on neutron stars/magnatars/pulsars.
    Thanks for the frube on Is Evolution the cause of all evils that we are witnessing in the world?
    Thank you for the frube on The Willful Ignorance of Creationism
    Thanks also for the i frube on Is the moon getting nearer ?
    Thank you for the frube on Would discovery of species previously thought to be extinct impact the theory of evolution?
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