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Feb 10, 2020
Nov 7, 2009
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Jain, from Indiana

Arav was last seen:
Feb 10, 2020
    1. hindupridemn
      Jai jinendra. How are you?
    2. Kriya Yogi
      Kriya Yogi
      That is your choice though my friend! God is Joy, let him bring Joy into your life. Then no matter what happens to you outwardly, you can stay joyful and blissful because that is can never be touched by the outward currents of Maya. It is ever constant if you open it in your being through meditation and right action and thoughts. Good luck to you my friend!
    3. Kriya Yogi
      Kriya Yogi
      I'm very sorry to hear you have been going through a bad time. Sometimes the best thing to do is to get closer to God when everything else seems to be failing you. These hardships are their to remind you that this is not your home. Go back to God and practice the teachings and let that be your rock and sense of happiness and fulfillment. If you can't control others. All you can control is how you deal with things. The best way to deal with hardships is to go back to the source of all light, goodness, joy, and happiness. That source is God. What better way then through one that truly understands and that has set easy to follow guidelines and through the most powerful technique of doing that through Kriya. Who better than one that knows God through and through. That is why Paramanhansa Yogananda is who I advise you to follow.
    4. Kriya Yogi
      Kriya Yogi
      How are you? Why did you leave for so long?
    5. hindupridemn
      Wehave had some very cold days but overall not really cold
    6. Breathe
      Totally! How's it going? :)
    7. hindupridemn
      I keep hacking and coughing. Where do you live?
    8. hindupridemn
      I am getting over a cold but otherwise I'm doing well.
    9. hindupridemn
      hi how are you?
    10. Kriya Yogi
      Kriya Yogi
      Hey if you ever want to e-mail me about anything my e-mail is [email protected] I'm thinking about leaving this forum for good too. Its all nonsense. I think I might have served only one good purpose and that was being able to reach out to you so you understand Kriya and might go find it. If you want to talk please e-mail me there. God Bless!
    11. Kriya Yogi
      Kriya Yogi
      I don't blame you. There are alot of confused people on this forum. Good luck on your journey. If you have any questions be sure to write me. Don't forget about Kriya it is a key to salvation waiting for you.
    12. Kriya Yogi
      Kriya Yogi
      I'm having a debate on this forum. It always seems to be with atheists. I cant stand how they claim things without giving internal yogic experimentation a chance. They rather be comfortable in their baseless claims then give saints and yogis a chance to prove them wrong. Then they have the nerve to call my Guru and my own experiences delusional. They have no right without putting in the time to see if our claims are justified within their own self.
    13. Kriya Yogi
      Kriya Yogi
      Yeah if you were doing all that at an early age then you must be pretty advanced or was making a sincere effort towards God in a past life. It is no wonder you are the only perceptive one on here so far that I know of that is trying to find out more about Kriya Yoga. Not only that but is willing to be initiated. Not just anyone is lucky enough to be initiated. You have to be spiritually perceptive and blessed to even want to know God let alone have a technique that will eventually manifest God in yourself.
    14. Kriya Yogi
      Kriya Yogi
      They might be based on a past life. Seeing how you have been drawn to Yoga then you must have been a Yogi in a past life. I believe our present life isn't much different to how our previous one was depending on how much you progress spiritually. Many men make the same mistakes lifetime after lifetime. Sri Yukteswar used to say everything in the future will improve if you are making a spiritual effort now. Yeah I remember things when I was that age too. It has alot to do with your consciousness and awareness when you come into this life.

      There is only one Vedic Astrologer that I know of. He is my Dad's personal one. His name is John Mcdonald. He lives in the main Ananda village in California. I'm sure there are others around, but if you ever come to ananda let me know and I'll see if I can get you his number.
    15. Kriya Yogi
      Kriya Yogi
      Well my father did vedic astrological readings on us as we were born. As you know that is a true reading of the stars and it was done by a saint that truly knew what he was doing. Well anyways it said that I was saint in a past life. Not only that affirmation but the affirmation that I was born into Yogananda's teachings. My father read me his Autobiography when I was in the womb and when I was a child many times. I started meditating at a very young age and recieved Kriya when I was like 17. Master said that anyone who had Kriya or practiced it in a past life will automatically be taken to that path in the next life. For all you know those memories are real, and are your past life. The fact you want Kriya or have been introduced to this path shows you probably have been on this path before. Where did those memories come from? Dreams or what?
    16. Kriya Yogi
      Kriya Yogi
      Cool! Yeah to be opened to what he wrote is quite a test in itself as I have let others read it too but they weren't quite as open as myself or some other disciples. I easily comprehended it and was fully open to it all but it was probably due to being raised with my dad showing us. Not to mention knowing that my past lives was about practicing this. Its a great book! He was indeed an avatar! His life was just an example on how to live ourselves to become free in God.
    17. Kriya Yogi
      Kriya Yogi
      I like your avatar picture!
    18. Kriya Yogi
      Kriya Yogi
      You are very welcome! One lesson that I must share with you is that while practicing Kriya is deeply important it is also important to control desires that will sap that peace and magnetism you create in your spine. Don't talk or laugh to much. Everything must be balanced in your life. To much of a certain activity will make your Kriya practice harder to keep going.

      It is true that environment is stronger than will so if you can at all, try to surround yourself with other Kriya Yogis that will support your practice. Don't hang out with people that want to party or get you to do things that don't support you spiritual practice. In other words environment and controlling your mind and energy is just as important as your Kriya meditation practice. Remember that once you recieve it. I'm glad I could help you. It has been my pleasure to share this beautiful technique with you. I give all the credit to God and Guru.

      God bless you!
    19. Kriya Yogi
      Kriya Yogi
      Kriya is the deepest form of meditation because it directly draws your energy going out back in to God within, while other forms take alooot more concentration to withdraw your consciousness from your mind and senses. However when you practice Kriya with deep love and devotion for God from your heart it increases the effects of Kriya ten fold. It is why he gives it to you when you are ready to love him that deeply. You will find that the love you have for him will bring upon his response of incredible waves of love and bliss over your being. That intense bliss is what changes you!
    20. Kriya Yogi
      Kriya Yogi
      Yes God does test us. He wants to know that you truly want him before he shows himself or gives you deep blessings such as Kriya. He knows that when you love him you are ready to practice it everyday. He doesn't always give it unto lukewarm devotees. Yes Kriya Yoga is non-sectarian. It is a practice between you and God. My Guru said practicing Kriya deeply and then resting in the bliss created is the true soul cry for God. I do think that he was testing you. When you want God badly he will then give you what you need to prove to him that you really do want him over this world. When you keep trying to find God and when he knows you are ready to really truly and deeply search for him he will show you the path of Kriya.
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