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  • Friend Anne,

    Best wishes to whatever you do.
    All it needs be it off or on line is to it consciously as this consciousness is what life is about.
    Take care!

    Love & rgds
    Thanx for the note. I'll miss you, as I'm sure many will.
    But we expect you to check in from time to time.
    I work nights. Only 40 minutes to go...
    then.... the Weekend!!! YAY!

    *sends self addressed stamped cupcake box*
    I (er... I mean...she) would love a sweater. Thanks for looking through my pics. I live in a very special place and feel incredibly lucky to do so.
    Hey, Anne. Thanks for the comment on Cassie. She appreciated it too, and wants to know if you'll knit her 4 socks for the winter...
    Sorry Anne. I temp lost my internet access.
    Anyway I'm going to go get a few things done now.
    See you and your baked goods around another day. ;)
    Yes, I am fine and I am very proud of my people. There is some instability in Egypt but we are much better off without the past regime and I am so happy that our revolution succeeded with less losses compared to other countries like Libya and Yemen. We have been blessed indeed. :)
    I am dandy. A lot of stressful things have been happening lately. I now have a wonderful girlfriend, however, and that helps.
    Thanks :)

    I agree, unfortunately consequences have a lot to say in many people's decisions, more than it should.
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