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  • Thanks for the useful frube on God is the one who's creating all the things that you see all around you.
    Thanx for the advocating Covid deaths frooblet.
    And for phurlbing unbearable eatery customers.
    And for the bucket'o warm spittle fruble.
    And for floorbing no problem of evil.
    And for the my property, my (reasonable) rules froobable.
    And for frubing glamping.
    And for the Valjean improved since yesterday frube.
    Thanks for the i frube on Creationism and Darwin, are they cloven, parallel, or just "you never know"?
    Don't look now but someone is following you.
    Oh? I'm new here and didn't realize people could follow other people, but thanks!
    Thanx for the GoldenAge of RF limerick frubal.
    Nice avatar, BTW....great coloring.
    And for furlbing some posters' war against dictionary definitions.
    And for the mid-east buffer state irony frouby.
    And for the very tribal frubal.
    Thanks for the frube on What Do You Like About The Devil?

    P.s. a frube, frubal or any similar spelling is an ancient term for the post awards.

    P.p.s. welcome to RF. Enjoy
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