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Nov 22, 2014
Apr 19, 2008
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All over.


Vagabond, from All over.

Alceste was last seen:
Nov 22, 2014
    1. lewisnotmiller
      Hey...something you might find funny/interesting. Remember the thread we were in on Native American nicknames in sports? At some point through that thread, I looked up Amanda Blackhorse (involved in the suit vs Redskins) and sent her a message. She responded...so I'm now in contact with her.
      Initial message was very brief (due to the form of contact) so I haven't 'spoken' to her yet. Anything you want me to ask??
    2. dust1n
      What's the new color about?
    3. The Sum of Awe
      The Sum of Awe
      Very sorry about my hostility in that Abortion thread, I lost my temper, love you <3
    4. Rakhel
      Thanks for the frubie
    5. Iti oj
      Iti oj
      Well you have my condolences. I wish you luck on anything you do.and please keep me informed. and its good you can see the good in it.
    6. Iti oj
      Iti oj
      did you get your job?
    7. Straw Dog
      Straw Dog
      Thanks for the frubie. Methinks monotheists have difficulty seeing beyond the rule of law.
    8. dust1n
      No problem.
    9. dust1n
      Prostitutes of God (Documentary) - YouTube
    10. beenie
      Thank you. :D
    11. dust1n
      I suspect recognizing the fact that there is bad things that happen is easier to dismiss along with the guilt of might have actually contributed in someway, then it is to kinda realize this.

      I think the porn industry should be, for the most part, nearly socialized, and producers proven guilty of engaging of forced behavior in any way charged with criminal penalties as well as anyone who agreed. The industry should also have to provide health benefits to all actors or actresses pertaining to any damages that may occur while working.
    12. dust1n
      I find women that come from hardship tend to be incredibly strong, and perceptive, and knowledgeable about people in general, and capable of thinking well on their toes, and most of all, have a determination afterwards that just can't be matched.

      There's different classes of prostitution and sex industries work very differently in different places. In fact, middle class and high class prostitution is generally so much more mild to other forms, that you'll see some of the prostitutes advocate their position and willingness to say there. Of course many leave prostitution this way to get jobs lobbying or speaking on the behest of the sex industry and the legal entities that support it.

      But generally, around the world, the whole practice is very much as medieval as it was a several hundred years ago.

      That all being said, people should be free to do as they will, but industry always has to ruin it for everyone by institutionalizing some terrible thing upon some locality or population.
    13. dust1n
      Indeed. I can't imagine how else one goes about perpetually ignoring terrible correlations.
    14. dust1n
      Uncomfortable weird parody was meant to shake the opposition a little. I noticed it went ignored.
    15. dust1n
    16. dust1n
    17. Sir Doom
      Sir Doom
      Funny thing is that I bought it out of nostalgia remembering it from when I was really young and thinking it was so damn awesome at the time... found it in the bargain bin at Walmart or something and was all juiced to watch it. And couldn't stop laughing through the whole thing! What could have possibly convinced even a young, naive me that this movie had anything 'awesome' about it is beyond me.
    18. 4consideration
      Thanks for the Naykidape date frubal! :)
    19. Secret Chief
      Secret Chief
      Thanks for the frubie, new friend!!!!
    20. Secret Chief
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    All over.
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    "We are called upon to help the discouraged beggars in life's marketplace. One day we must come to see that an edifice which produces beggars needs restructuring." ~ MLK
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