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Sep 12, 2014
Sep 6, 2008
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Well-Known Member, from ohio

AK4 was last seen:
Sep 12, 2014
    1. AK4
      True. Christians, only when it is beneficial, will call it God. Most will replace God with nature or just wont fully recognise that it is God. Thats why it is said of them that they speak with a forked tongue or is doubleminded.

      You are right, it will collaspe on itself and that is exactly what God says of it in Revelations, Babylon the great will fall. It is directly talking about christianity when it talks of Mystery Babylon. All those warnings are to christianity and christians and then God tells us to come out of her and not share in her plagues.

      God be with you
    2. FreeSpirit
      Very true AK4. If a religion is built upon a lie, and cluttered with too many images/rituals/dogmas, then it will only create more lies and will eventually collapse upon itself.

      The thing with Christianity is that even if you believe that the likes of Hell is a lie, it cannot be denied that there is some sort of energy out there that seems to be guiding life and nature. Christians call it God, Druids may call this Danu etc.

      Many blessings :flower:
    3. FreeSpirit
      Greetings friend,

      May I enquire as to why you seem to have posted a number of messages on the subject of free will in accordance to the Christian faith?

      Many blessings,

      Matt :flower:
    4. Heneni
      Im just in you inbox making a confession...im here strangling a certain monkey...LOL. Thought you wouldnt mind watching.
    5. Heneni
      Does the 4 mean you have four kids then? If so, they must keep you busy!
    6. AK4
      It my kids and mine initials. thanks for the welcome. glad to be here
    7. Heneni
      Hi there! Why did you choose AK4 as your username? Welcome to the forum!

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    Question everything. Question everything till you come to the Truth. Once you come to the Truth, question that Truth. This in return will only confirm that Truth.