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Oct 1, 2017
Aug 10, 2011
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Sceptic, Libertarian, Egalitarian, Male, from England

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9Westy9 was last seen:
Oct 1, 2017
    1. Breathe
      Surprisingly, I'm enjoying "Abarenbou Kishi!! Matsutarou", which is supposed to be about sumo (I didn't think I would). For something light-hearted and different from typical high school stuff, as well, there's Servant x Service (I recommend this one, pretty funny) if you've not seen either.

      This makes me look like a real otaku; I only really watch a few on weekends. Honest. :D
    2. Breathe
      It's really good, I think. There's been a few unusual ones recently that I've enjoyed. :)
    3. Breathe
      Thought of an anime that may interest you; I'm currently watching it. It's current, as well. :) "One Week Friends".
    4. Debater Slayer
      Debater Slayer
      Yeah, I was told earlier. Best news I've heard all season. :D

      Not sure how competent Giggs will be as an interim manager though. He's fine on the pitch, but that doesn't mean he'll be able to do well at creating tactics for the team himself.
    5. 9Westy9
      "Oh just a joke David. like Nemanja Vidic's tackling. Poorly timed"
    6. Debater Slayer
      Debater Slayer
      "It's very important that you stay right where you are, not just for Man United, but for the rest of us too."

      "I have no doubt the football philosophy you're trying to implement will be of great benefit to the majority of fans in the Premier League."

      I was dying during that part. It's not very inaccurate either. :p
    7. Debater Slayer
      Debater Slayer
      I don't know what hit Bayern during their game against Dortmund, but they'll get crushed if they play like that against Real in the CL. Hopefully they'll sort out their tactics before the CL game.

      I have a feeling the upcoming CL games will be pretty fun to watch, especially if RM get owned in the semis yet again. :D
    8. Debater Slayer
      Debater Slayer
      Well, that wasn't unexpected.

      At least Barca didn't make it to the semis though. :p
    9. Debater Slayer
      Debater Slayer
      Yeah, he can be a bit... disrespectful at times. :p

      I'm still happy for the Premier League though. Hopefully we'll join the semi-final party today. :D
    10. Debater Slayer
      Debater Slayer
      Why? What's wrong with Mourinho?
    11. Debater Slayer
      Debater Slayer
      I'm happy for Chelsea. The Premier League deserves to have at least one representative in the semi-final, even if it's one of our arch rivals. :p
    12. Debater Slayer
      Debater Slayer
      Didn't seem like it to me. Then again, no one really stood out in that game, in my opinion.

      We did better than I initially expected, though. At least we conceded just one goal and managed to score despite RVP's absence. :D
    13. Debater Slayer
      Debater Slayer
      Kagawa was such an amazing player there that I think an injured RVP would have outclassed him.
    14. Debater Slayer
      Debater Slayer
      You have his name in your sig now? Well, at least that's better than rooting for Bristol City FC. :p
    15. Breathe
      Thanks for the frubal. :D
    16. Debater Slayer
      Debater Slayer
      I read that the fans held up signs demanding that Moyes leave. That's the best news I've read all season. :D
    17. Debater Slayer
      Debater Slayer
      And still didn't score, right? :p
    18. Debater Slayer
      Debater Slayer
      Oh, I didn't watch our latest match. Did a miracle happen and help him to score or what? :p
    19. FearGod
      Thanks for the frubal :)
    20. Debater Slayer
      Debater Slayer
      But an in-form RVP can!

      I think our biggest weaknesses may be the defense and midfield areas. Bayern have great players all around and have very sharp passing, so that's where things could get disastrous for us. :p
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